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Numerous complaints against McDonald's working conditions

McDonald's is under fire by the Service Employees International Union's "Fight for 15" campaign led by labor activists who want to improve working conditions, unionize and raise the wage to $15 per hour. A survey conducted by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health found that 33 percent of burned workers were offered condiments by their mangers as a treatment instead of burn cream. Situations like this could happen in North Carolina and elsewhere in the country.

In 19 cities in the U.S., complaints against McDonald's include working without protective equipment, first-aid kits without the proper supplies and inadequate training. In addition, computer systems that track sales and staffing metrics have resulted in fewer workers. Because of this, the employees must work faster to compensate, and this might increase accidental injuries.

The same survey found that 79 percent of McDonald's workers had been burned while working, and 58 percent had been burned multiple times. Twenty-eight complaints have been filed to OSHA related to workplace safety. Reports say that OSHA has received the complaints but that it does not comment on any ongoing investigations. McDonald's released a statement saying safety is an important issue to the independent franchisees and the corporation, and suggested that they will look into the allegations.

On-the-job injuries may be relatively common. In the case of a workplace accident, an experienced attorney may be able to assist the injured party in receiving worker's compensation. An attorney may be able to help them recoup medical expenses and other benefits they may be due, such as lost wages.

Source: RT, 'Put mustard on it': McDonald's workers sue over workplace burns, March 16, 2015

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