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Veterans are concerned about possible benefit cuts

Many individuals seeking Social Security Disability Insurance are disabled veterans. Many of these veterans now are understandably concerned that there will be a 20 percent cut in SSDI in 2016. There is talk in Congress of privatizing Medicare, and discussion about prohibiting receipt of both SSDI and unemployment compensation. Some feel that this may place a disincentive on individuals with disabilities to work.

The deputy executive director of Paralyzed Veterans of America spoke of his own individual circumstances. “As a veteran who suffered a severe in-service disability and later benefitted from trial work options, I find this disheartening,” he stated. There are currently one million veterans dependent upon SSDI benefits. Many other veterans rely upon Medicare and other safety net programs to get through day-to-day life.

It’s next to impossible to place oneself in the place of paralyzed veterans and what they go through every day. They require continual care and housing compatible with their needs. This includes dealing with everyday tasks. Employment opportunities are sometimes limited. They may require additional training to obtain particular positions.

SSDI benefits allows for these veterans to maintain a certain amount of independence. Veterans qualify for these benefits because they are past members of the workforce. And in their particular circumstances, they’ve done more than was required in serving their country.

We’ve spoken in the past about the difficult and time-consuming process of applying for SSDI. Legal representation is generally beneficial in helping claimants understand the application process. Attorneys experienced in representing clients in this area also provide other options to disabled individuals who are applying for benefits.

Source: Yahoo Finance, “Paralyzed Veterans of America Responds to House Budget’s Assault on Social Security,” March 20, 2015

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