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What is road rash?

As many North Carolinians are well aware, a motorcycle accident can cause a variety of injuries, some of them quite serious. Broken bones, torn ligaments, severe cuts, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries can leave a rider with the need for long-term care. Additionally, these victims may suffer disfigurement, permanent disability, and financial challenges following a motorcycle crash.

However, even seemingly minor injuries can cause extreme pain and suffering, and may leave a victim with medical expenses and lost wages. Road rash, for example, occurs when an individual's skin is scraped away by coming into contact with the road. This injury, known as a friction burn, is often extremely painful, as the scrape can cover a large area of the body and leave nerve endings exposed. Also, a friction burn not only scrapes skin away, but also often leaves the victim with a heat burn.

Road rash, though treatable, can turn serious if the wound is not properly cleaned. Dirt and other debris in the injured area can cause an infection, which could spread throughout the body, causing devastating consequences. Therefore, those who suffer a friction burn should be sure to seek immediate medical attention.

The effects of a motorcycle accident can be far-reaching and long-lasting. Thus, those who are hurt in a crash that is caused by a negligent driver may want to consider their legal options, which might include filing a lawsuit. If a claim is successful, whether through negotiation or at trial, then a victim may be awarded compensation for his or her damages. Then, hopefully, the victim can focus on regaining his or her health and getting back to his or her normal life.

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