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April 2015 Archives

2 workers die in unprotected trench

North Carolina residents might be interested to learn about the results of an investigation into the deaths of two workers that was recently completed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. After its review of a fatal trench cave-in, OSHA found a New Jersey landscaping company guilty of willfully disregarding the safety of its workers. The company was cited for one willful safety violation and nine serious safety violations and fined $77,000 as a result of the fatal workplace accident.

Should you have an attorney's number on your refrigerator door?

If you're the parent of a teenager in North Carolina or elsewhere, you've likely lain in bed more than a few times late at night unable to sleep, with eyes wide open and vividly imagining various scenarios in which your child is facing some challenge or trouble.

As state budgets are trimmed, SSDI benefits become more vital

For those who are able to work, it may be hard to imagine the many financial and logistical obstacles that can accompany a disability. For example, those whose mobility is impacted may need a powered wheelchair and modifications to their home just to continue with their daily movements. Others may require weekly visits by a personal assistant.  

What can I do to ensure safety while boating?

Though it is not possible to completely guarantee safety, there is a lot to ensure you and your boat occupants are as safe as possible while on the water. You can have your vessel inspected, keep it properly maintained, and follow all boating laws and regulations. However, one of the simplest things you can do is make sure you wear a life vest.

Motion to dismiss: Decades-long death row stay ends for man

As singular, bizarre and flatly sad as life has been thus far for Anthony Ray Hinton, it wouldn't be accurate to say that no other person can readily identify with the sheer adversity that has befallen him: After all, 151 other people have also reportedly been released from death rows in prisons across the country just since 1973 because criminal justice authorities simply got it wrong.

Understanding more about nursing injuries

North Carolina residents may be interested in understanding the injury risks associated with the nursing field. Nurses actually suffer more back-related injuries than nearly any other occupation. They also suffer arm and shoulder injuries that often affect their everyday lives. Over 30,000 nursing injuries are reported on an annual basis. The primary cause of these injuries has been attributed to the physical stress related to lifting and moving patients.

Alcoholism and Supplemental Security Disability Insurance

Alcoholism is a very serious illness that is difficult to treat and overcome. Even when people are able to stop drinking, the past chronic use can have very lasting and harmful effects on the body. Scientists have cited at least 60 diseases often diagnosed as a result of alcohol consumption, sometimes years later.

An initial denial of an SSDI claim can be an opportunity

If an individual’s initial application for Social Security disability insurance benefits was denied, the prospect of appealing the denial and requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge may seem both intimidating and an uphill battle.

We proudly represent those injured in motorcycle accidents

Our last blog post addressed road rash its painful consequences. While road rage and friction burns are certainly a common outcome of motorcycle accidents, they are not, of course, the only type of injury that can be suffered in such a wreck. The injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident can be extensive and wide-ranging, from cuts and bruises and road rash to broken bones and severe head trauma.