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An initial denial of an SSDI claim can be an opportunity

If an individual’s initial application for Social Security disability insurance benefits was denied, the prospect of appealing the denial and requesting a hearing before an administrative law judge may seem both intimidating and an uphill battle.

However, our law firm has provided advocacy to SSDI applicants at all stages of the administrative process. Even after an initial denial, there may be a good chance of prevailing at the hearing stage. However, that probability can come down to whether you have selected the right attorney to represent you.

For example, our law firm understands that an initial application can be strengthened for the hearing. Since there is a processing backlog, there is often time -- perhaps several months -- to gather additional medical evidence or documentation. In addition, expert medical testimony can be prepared that fully demonstrates how an impairment has interrupted an individual’s daily functioning. 

Rather than being another obstacle, the administrative hearing can be viewed as an opportunity to present an even stronger SSDI claim. We have the litigation experience to provide perspective to applicants. For example, applicants might not realize that the majority of SSDI applications are initially denied. At a minimum, an attorney can review the reasons for its denial and search for ways to resolve the issue.

Although extended litigation may rack up attorney’s fees in other situations, our law firm understands that individuals who have become disabled may have limited resources. For that reason, our law firm does not collect attorney's fees unless the applicant obtains benefits. We also offer this approach for another reason: to encourage deserving applicants to keep fighting for benefits. 

To learn more about our Social Security disability practice, check out our law firm’s website.

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