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Driver vigilance is the byword during DWI traffic campaigns

Nationwide, traffic safety regulators and law enforcers are fond of themed roadway programs that often contain snappy and memorable titles to keep them in the public eye.

Like "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over," for example. Or "Click It or Ticket." Some of our readers are likely familiar with "Booze It & Lose It."

It's time for North Carolina residents to get ready once again for a statewide educational campaign focused on drinking and driving.

Here's that moniker for personal reference and a few mouthed repetitions to help keep the state's most recent driving enforcement program firmly in mind: "On the road, On the Water, Don't Drink and Drive."

It's a mouthful, certainly, but the intent of the words is clear enough, with their enforcement message being applicable to a specified and limited timeframe.

We're fast approaching the Memorial Day weekend, of course, which annually results in high traffic volume across the state, picnics and barbecues in parks, on beaches, and in lakes and river locales -- and drinking.

The obvious admonition here: Residents need to be prudent if they plan to imbibe alcohol and then drive a car or operate a boat.

Anyone who lives in North Carolina knows well the state's exceedingly stringent take on drinking and driving. Motorists stopped on suspicion of drunk driving will encounter an experience they will likely never forget. And if they are convicted of a DWI/DUI charge, the penalties can be severe, indeed.

North Carolina Highway Patrol officers and police officials from across the state are always out on state roads looking for reasons to stop motorists that they suspect of being inebriated. They are now in force in even greater numbers than usual, and many residents can expect to encounter sobriety checkpoints over the upcoming holiday and through the summer months.

Motorists with questions or concerns regarding a drinking-related stop or DWI criminal charge can contact a proven defense attorney for strong legal advocacy aimed at securing an optimal outcome in their case.

We wish all our readers safe driving.

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