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Construction Workers' Accidents Archives

Three North Carolina workers die when scaffolding collapses

Three Durham construction workers were killed and one was injured when a section of scaffolding they were on fell from a downtown Raleigh skyscraper on March 23. The incident occurred at around 11 a.m. at the Charter Square construction site.

North Carolina nail gun work injuries

Many workers, especially in the construction industry, routinely use nail guns as a part of their daily jobs. While these tools are very helpful in reducing the amount of time necessary to complete a job, they also pose significant safety risks. Thus, people who use them need to take care when doing so.

Highway accident kills construction worker and injures others

Residents of North Carolina may have heard about a freeway accident that killed a construction worker and left two other people injured on Sept. 19. The accident occurred early in the morning when a Ford F-150 hit three workers who were paving the roadway. According to official reports, the incident occurred on Interstate 40 in Morgantown. It was around 4:30 a.m. when the driver of the Ford truck entered the work zone and struck the three men.

North Carolina construction site accident kills worker

A mid-morning construction accident that occurred on Aug. 26 claimed the life of a North Carolina construction worker. The project was to repave the Pine View Baptist church parking lot off of Highway 18 in Wilkes County. The 37-year-old worker who died was standing next to a milling machine when it overturned. This accident is believed to have happened when a wall beside the basement collapsed.

Understanding construction injury issues

While North Carolina construction workers may be trained in safety protocol, the potential in this line of work for on-the-job accidents is still significant. An injury could occur on a work site of any size, making it important to understand how to proceed if something goes wrong. In case of an injury, an individual may need to focus on getting help right away, especially if the incident causes serious harm or the potential for death. Reports should be filed as promptly as possible as well.

Roof collapse at steel mill injures demolition workers

While the following story may not have occurred here in Wilmington, or even in North Carolina, it still serves as an important reminder that the construction industry is a dangerous field that can leave workers with serious injuries.

Injured in a ladder fall? You may be entitled to benefits

Falls are one of the most prevalent causes of workplace injuries in North Carolina and the rest of the United States. Countless workers in the construction industry and other jobs requiring workers to climb high off of the ground suffer serious or fatal injuries in fall accidents each year.