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Criminal Defense Archives

Criminal justice reform: something almost everyone agrees upon

In a national capital where the only thing that legislators on opposite sides of the political aisle can seemingly agree upon is to disagree, is there any issue -- anything at all -- upon which discord can be muted and amity might prevail?

So many laws, so many crimes, Part 2: Anyone might be charged

Well-known political columnist George Will contends that an important element of American jurisprudence -- namely, the idea that a person should face criminal sanctions only if he or she has engaged in inherently wrongful conduct or behavior known to be illegal -- is being materially undermined, if not outright diluted.

Should you have an attorney's number on your refrigerator door?

If you're the parent of a teenager in North Carolina or elsewhere, you've likely lain in bed more than a few times late at night unable to sleep, with eyes wide open and vividly imagining various scenarios in which your child is facing some challenge or trouble.

Motion to dismiss: Decades-long death row stay ends for man

As singular, bizarre and flatly sad as life has been thus far for Anthony Ray Hinton, it wouldn't be accurate to say that no other person can readily identify with the sheer adversity that has befallen him: After all, 151 other people have also reportedly been released from death rows in prisons across the country just since 1973 because criminal justice authorities simply got it wrong.

Feds hot for criminal sentencing reform, but not in all spheres

We have noted the hot-button topic of federal criminal sentencing reform in several past blog posts, noting the Obama administration's strong advocacy efforts -- especially through the U.S. Department of Justice -- to promote changes that the executive branch believes are necessary to bring about greater rationality and fairness.

Yes, this can happen: Man never charged with crime serves 905 days

Persons who follow criminal law matters might be interested -- indeed, many of our readers in North Carolina and elsewhere might be more than a bit concerned -- by the following story that recently played out in another state.

Update on federal sentencing reform: momentum clearly established

We referenced federal criminal sentencing reforms in our March 9 blog entry, noting therein "strong bipartisanship and even marked amicability across the political divide" regarding the need for material changes in the way that many defendants are charged and sentenced.