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Drug Possession Archives

Supreme Court rules dog sniff without warrant unconstitutional

How the police find evidence against suspected drug offenders may soon change, at least when they are using drug sniffing dogs outside a suspect's house without first obtaining a warrant. The Supreme Court recently ruled that police must have a search warrant before they can use drug sniffing dogs outside a person's residence.

Fiona Apple in a pickle: Arrested for drug possession

Being charged with possession of marijuana or other drugs can be very scary for many people. Those who have never had any run ins with the law or are unfamiliar with North Carolina laws regarding marijuana possession are often unsure of what to expect during a traffic stop or arrest. They may not expect their vehicle to be searched or to be taken to jail.

Time to pay attention to the dangers of Adderall abuse

As students across North Carolina get back into the swing of school, a dangerous trend has returned. With the mixed messages and increased pressure on students to succeed and graduate, many North Carolina teens and college students are turning to using prescription drugs to improve their performance at school.

Drug charges dropped against Rockingham Co. commissioner hopeful

Drug possession convictions here in North Carolina have very serious consequences--both in the short- and long term. Immediate penalties might include fines and even jail time, but long after these dues are paid, the offender may also struggle with compromised financial aid and educational opportunities, limited employment offers and even reduced child custody rights.

The situation: Drug charges dropped against reality star friend

The cast members of "Jersey Shore" are probably more familiar with police officers than most residents of North Carolina. Their televised antics have made them very visible personalities, and even their friends have enjoyed fame on some level. This kind of visibility may end up drawing attention to them in situations when they may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Man consents to search without warrant, faces drug charges

Imagine being in your own home and accidentally setting off your burglary alarm. Many people would feel embarrassed that they had set off their own alarm and flustered from dealing with any sounds or neighborhood reactions that often accompany an alarm. In the chaos that may follow, the police show up to your door responding to the alarm. They say that you appear to be "nervous" and ask to come inside. What would you do?

Mother facing drug, alcohol charges after daughter's party

For many people, summer is a time for relaxing and getting together with friends. For young people and students, sometimes summer means house parties, late nights and drinking or using marijuana. It's certainly not a new trend, but parents should be reminded that if they are aware of any drinking or drug use at a party in their home, they can face serious consequences.

Soap causing dirty test results in North Carolina

Mothers across North Carolina found themselves stunned when doctors claimed they had exposed their newborn child to marijuana. These kinds of accusations and charges can follow a person around for many years. When a new mother is the one being charged with use or possession of marijuana, people can be extremely judgmental. However, it is important to remember that everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Drug charges for 19 members of Hells Angels motorcycle gang

People often say that there is safety in numbers. While this may be true in certain situations, members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang are finding out that it may not be true when it comes to drug charges. Nineteen members of the group were recently arrested in North Carolina and South Carolina and charged with drug possession, racketeering, conspiracy and money laundering.