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Drug Trafficking Archives

North Carolina man charged with drug trafficking at checkpoint

The police and media like to splash drug busts across the news when months or years of investigations have led to a major drug seizure and arrests. However, for most typical people in North Carolina, a drug trafficking charge is less newsworthy and may not be advertised all over the front page. But for the people facing the charges, the event is likely the most serious situation they have ever dealt with.

Alleged prescription drug resellers arrested in North Carolina

When people hear stories about people who sell drugs, they often think the product is some illicit drug manufactured or grown in a person's basement. However, this is not always the case. Sometimes, the drugs that people are selling or distributing are perfectly legal and are typically available at a pharmacy.

North Carolina woman charged with drug trafficking

Being caught in possession of even a small amount of drugs can have very serious consequences in North Carolina. Authorities are determined to crack down on drug use in the state, and they are aggressive in charging those who they suspect may be in possession of unlawful narcotics. In their pursuit of these charges, though, police may trample over the person's rights without giving it a second thought.

Wilmington store raided for synthetic drugs

A store in Wilmington allegedly had more than 1,400 packages of the drug known as "Spice" (also referred to as synthetic marijuana) removed. Apparently this was part of an ongoing investigation involving both state and federal law enforcement officers.

Harsh crackdown on bath salts

Law enforcement agencies in many parts of North Carolina are engaged in a crackdown on the sale of bath salts. Engaging in drug trafficking can result in individuals facing serious criminal charges. Yet, given the recent changes in the legal status of substances known as bath salts, many may not be entirely clear on what is legal and what is not. Because recent media and publicity has given bath salts a bad reputation, law enforcement agencies are increasingly focused on finding and arresting those who use or sell them.

Update: Teen 'kingpin' enters plea in marijuana trafficking case

Last month, we explored the situation that a young 17-year-old student faced when he was charged with heading up a marijuana drug ring. In this previous post, we discussed the details and events that led up to the young man's arrest. Recently, he appeared in juvenile court on two charges of drug trafficking.

Police: High school student was 'kingpin' of marijuana ring

A 17-year-old student was recently arrested and charged for his significant role in a drug operation that netted more than $20,000 a month. Sources are referring to the young man as the head of an intricate drug ring that grew, distributed and sold several pounds of marijuana throughout his state. After a yearlong investigation, the student will now face drug charges in juvenile court.

Why it can be hard to get out of the drug game

Getting caught with marijuana or other drugs in North Carolina can result in a variety of punishments and penalties. Depending on the number of times a person has been charged with a crime like the sale or possession of marijuana, charges may be escalated. Because of the consequences associated with marijuana and other drug-related crimes, it may make many people ask why a person may continue to play a role in the illegal drug trade.

North Carolina couple charged with drug trafficking

When someone hears a story involving allegations of drug trafficking, they often think of international smuggling, tense confrontations in border countries or huge groups involved in an elaborate ring. Extensive efforts are made to investigate and track down complex organizations that transport marijuana to hub cities across the country. But sometimes, drug marijuana trafficking starts in a person's very own backyard.

Stash of 150 pounds of marijuana ruled inadmissible

The importance of police procedure during a drug arrest is not to be overlooked. Just because a person is suspected of drug possession or drug trafficking does not mean he or she is does not have any rights anymore. In the process of pursuing drug charges in North Carolina, ensuring that a person's rights are not violated is very important.