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Juvenile Crimes Archives

A strong criminal defense can protect a young person's future

A single legal problem can affect a young person for many years to come. Whether it's a ticket for underage drinking or a more serious allegation such as assault, it is of primary importance, from a criminal defense perspective, to ensure that the ultimate outcome is positive.

North Carolina still prosecuting juveniles as adults

North Carolina's juvenile justice system continues to be under scrutiny for their harsh punishment against older teenagers. Did you know that North Carolina is only one of two states in the U.S. that prosecutes 16 and 17-year-olds as adults for even minor crimes?

Juveniles tried as adults: who should decide?

The juvenile justice system is under debate again over a new bill proposed in North Carolina that would allow prosecutors to determine whether a juvenile offender is tried as an adult. House Bill 217 would give North Carolina prosecutors the discretion to try juveniles age 13 and older as adults in the criminal justice system.

Fewer juveniles being locked up in the US

The juvenile justice system in North Carolina has been under scrutiny the last few years over accusations of mistreatment and the need to reform the juvenile justice system. With all the reports over what's wrong with the juvenile justice system and its impact on juvenile offenders, some positive news is finally being reported.

North Carolina juvenile detention centers under scrutiny

Juvenile detention centers throughout the U.S. have come under scrutiny after allegations of mistreatment and the ineffectiveness of locking up juvenile offenders. Over 30,000 juveniles are sent to detention centers every year, according to the federal Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.

Zero tolerance for underage drinking in North Carolina

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety Alcohol Law Enforcement has a zero tolerance policy on underage drinking. Most people know that it is illegal for a minor to possess or consume any alcohol, and underage drinkers in North Carolina face a fine of over $200 if they are caught.

Underage car passenger faces alcohol charges

Police recently charged a university student riding in the back seat of a vehicle with underage use of alcohol. This student arrest was made even though the passenger student had taken the safe and commendable step of having a designated driver for the evening who did not consume alcohol.

North Carolina females and the juvenile system

The teenage years can be difficult for many who make bad choices and friends who are not desirable. For a variety of reasons teens may find themselves facing arrest for actions such as shoplifting, theft, underage drinking, traffic violations or simple assault.

What is an appropriate punishment for Carolina teens?

When kids get into trouble, is it an issue for the courts or for parents? A recent trend has emerged that is putting the power of punishment into the hands of parents instead of dragging a case through a North Carolina court. This may be a positive movement because when it comes to an underage violation, it is not always necessary to impose jail time and a criminal record for a teen's mistake.

Carolina teen arrested for vandalism

People who are charged with a property-related crime may have done a wide number of things to find themselves in the back of a police car. From minor violations such as vandalism or shoplifting to serious acts such as arson or armed robbery, property crimes are unfortunate, but common, occurrences in North Carolina and elsewhere.