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Underage Drinking Archives

Study shows society 'less tolerant' of youth crime

Criminologist Megan Kurlychek of the University of Albany says it best: "The average teenager who steals an iPod or is arrested for possession of marijuana - why do we make that define their lives?" Kurlychek is referring, in part, to a recent study which indicates that more than 30 percent of all youth will be arrested by age 23.

Bartenders: Wristband does not let you off the hook in underage drinking

It has been roughly a month since North Carolina's alcohol regulation took effect, which does not allow bartenders to claim innocence when they serve alcohol to underage patrons, even though the underage patron may have a wristband or ink stamp indicating that they are of legal drinking age.

Study on underage drinking: Increased risk of suicide, homicide

Here is a study that comes in the wake of controversy over the amount of underage drinking that happens on college campuses and off-campus parties nationwide, lending support to those who oppose underage drinking.

'Tooty-fruity, high-octane alcohol drinks' said to promote underage drinking

Eryn Sun reports for the Christian Post that alcohol industry marketers are going after the younger crowd with their so-called alcopops, which the state of North Carolina classifies as malt beverages but may contain levels of alcohol similar to beer.

Underage drinking can be expensive

As Jinny Oh reports for Reese News, underage drinking can be much more expensive than the seven dollars it costs for a six-pack of beer. "Students think a drinking ticket is like a parking ticket, but it's not. They have been charged with a criminal misdemeanor," says a lawyer with the University of North Carolina Student Legal Services.

Harsh treatment of 16-year-old juveniles in North Carolina

Most states in the nation keep a tight lid on the criminal records of juvenile offenders. Even to use the words "juvenile offenders" seems a bit harsh; what Erin Zureick characterizes as an offense that "could follow the teen for the rest of his or her life" - Zureick uses the example of a schoolyard fight - is only something that could happen to a 16-year-old or a 17-year-old in two states, North Carolina and New York.

When it comes to getting a job, even underage drinking will hurt

With the job market still in the doldrums, employers looking for easy ways to "screen" the multitudes of job seekers who apply for any given position can do so simply by the background check. If anything comes up - relatively minor underage drinking charges, for instance - this gives the employer an easy excuse not to hire.

The web, technology and fake IDs may not outwit North Carolina's driver's licenses

It seems as though would-be underage drinkers in North Carolina will have a tougher time than underage drinkers in other states in getting alcohol using fake identification. Using a fake ID in North Carolina and participating in underage drinking can lead to minor in alcohol consumption charges.