Legal Counsel Could Have Changed the Game for North Carolina Athlete

Recently, a North Carolina State football player was not seen on the practice field - possibly because of a recent run in with police. The player was originally stopped and ticketed for six moving violations, including speeding and reckless driving. He was ordered to appear in district court following the stop.

His failure to appear in court likely caused a warrant to be issued for his arrest, which led police officers to his campus apartment where they allegedly found drug paraphernalia. The North Carolina State player is now charged with misdemeanor drug possession, a very serious drug-offense.

Experienced North Carolina Criminal Defense Always a Good Idea

Situations like this highlight the need for good legal representation when facing criminal charges. Had the player hired an attorney sooner, things might have turned out differently.

Following drug charges and other serious criminal allegations, a person can be facing large fines and incarceration. The life-changing impacts of these charges can destroy family relationships, professional standing and even result in the person losing their freedom through a prison sentence.

The Constitution ensures that everyone who is charged with a crime has a right to legal counsel, even if they are unable to pay for representation. Courts can appoint a public defender for defendants in certain cases, due to financial need.

When facing serious criminal charges, it is important to have competent legal counsel who understand an individual's legal rights and are acquainted with procedures in a particular jurisdiction. The sooner you retain competent North Carolina defense counsel - who can give the time, expertise and resources necessary to mount an effective defense - the more likely the incident will end with more favorable results.

In the football player's case, failure to appear was not in his best interest. The impact these charges could have on his football career are still unclear, but one thing is clear: the serious criminal charges can be life-changing, and when facing such charges it is in a person's best interest to seek legal representation.