New Law, Inspections Program Designed to Reduce Car Accidents

North Carolina's new Fender Bender Law requires those drivers involved in a minor accident to move off the roadway and onto the shoulder or off the road as long as no one in either party is injured. Violation of the law results in a $110 fine and court costs. The state has installed signs on major roadways to remind drivers of the new rule.

The Fender Bender Law is designed to avoid more car accidents caused by the road obstacles fender bender accidents can create and the tendency for uninvolved drivers to rubberneck and fail to watch where they are going. The law does not require injured parties to move their vehicles.

North Carolina Car Inspection Law

The governor's office and the North Carolina DMV are also reviewing an existing law that is aimed at reducing car crashes. North Carolina is one of 16 states that require state safety inspection of vehicles.

State inspections cost North Carolinians $86 million every year, though individual costs may vary depending on the county in which one resides. A North Carolina safety inspection costs drivers $13.60, but 48 counties require testing for compliance with federal clean air rules, which may run the bill up to $30.

A 2008 study by the North Carolina Program Evaluation Division prompted the review of the state inspection law. The study found that inspections do not reduce accidents, and that some mechanics do not thoroughly inspect vehicles when they come into their shops. Furthermore, cars over 35 years old are exempted from state inspection requirements, while new cars must comply with them.

While the new Fender Bender Law is put into practice, state safety inspections are under review. Hopefully, the state of North Carolina can determine which of its laws are effective at keeping road users safe and which ones are not and legislate appropriately.

In the meantime, if you or a loved one have been impacted by either law, either as a victim of a fender bender or by failing to comply with state inspections, please consult an experienced Wilmington attorney.