Short-Term Disability Case Attorney

Have you applied for short-term disability benefits under your employer-sponsored benefits package, only to have the insurance company say that you are not disabled? Do not take no for an answer. If you cannot work temporarily because of your condition, you should get a disability lawyer involved quickly to stand up for you against the insurance company.

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, we have the skill to help you get the short-term disability benefits you need to help you through until you can return to work. Our knowledge of insurance policy language, the common exceptions and limitations and the methods of overcoming denied claims has proven beneficial to many people like you.

The Definition Of A Short-Term Disability

When an insurance company denies short-term disability benefits, it is typically because the insurance company says the condition does not meet the policy's definition of a disability. Our lawyers understand how insurance companies define disability. More importantly, we are aware of the fact that insurance companies will want clear medical evidence that indicates the condition meets the insurance company's definition, not just a doctor's definition. In other words, a note from a doctor stating that you are disabled may not be sufficient for the insurance company. Many claims for insurance benefits are denied simply because the medical documentation is not satisfactory to the insurance provider.

What Happens When A Claim Is Denied?

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible so our short-term disability case attorneys in Wilmington, North Carolina, can get involved at the administrative level. More often than not, insurance disputes over short-term disability benefits can be resolved without a fight. During the appeals process, we will gather the existing medical documentation and supplement it with additional documentation from your doctor or with information from a medical expert as necessary. We know how to make it clear that the condition falls within the insurance policy's definition of a short-term disability. If the appeal is unsuccessful, we can file a lawsuit and pursue a resolution at trial.

It is important to note that if a condition previously diagnosed as a short-term disability persists, you may not automatically get long-term disability benefits. Definitions may differ. If you have not recovered from your short-term disability and you want to pursue long-term disability benefits, our lawyers can help.

Free Consultation About Short-Term Disability Insurance

Count on us to pursue a resolution as quickly as possible so you can get the benefits you need to live comfortably. For more information, contact us for a free consultation.