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Infant jumper recalled after 61 reports of injury

A nationwide recall has been issued for a baby jumper after dozens of children were injured due to a defect in one of the product's attached toys. The object can snap back too hard and harm the infant while he or she is playing with it, according to the U.S. Consumer Production Safety Commission.

The jumpers were manufactured by Kids II, the company that makes Baby Einstein products. The company called the product the Musical Motion Activity Jumper. Besides the seat, the jumper features several moving toys attached to the base and legs for the child's amusement. Among the toys is a smiling sun on a spring that wobbles around.

According to the CPSC, the sun's spring is faulty and can cause the sun to fling itself toward the infant with excessive force. Nearly 100 such incidents have been reported and at least 61 children have been injured. The most serious injuries reported include fractures of the children's' face and skull, but also include cuts and bruises.

Baby Einstein sold the jumpers through nationwide retailers like Toys 'R' Us and Target, as well as online stores such as Parents who have one of these toys are encouraged to stop having their child use them immediately. Kids II is offering new attachments to replace the suns.

Infants are very small and especially vulnerable to harm from defective products. Manufacturers of children's products have a duty to design and make those products reasonably safe to prevent serious harm. When they fail to do so, product liability law may put them on the hook financially for the harm created.

Source: Fox News, "Baby Einstein product recalled after complaints of bruising, skull fractures," July 24, 2013

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