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November 2018 Archives

Avoiding a traffic collision at an intersection

Drivers need to watch out for accident risks at all times, but there are certain parts of the road that have an especially high risk of an accident. Intersections, for example, can be dangerous for a variety of reasons. Drivers may fail to come to a stop because they are in a rush or for some other reason. Sadly, this can lead to the loss of innocent lives and devastating injuries.

Was your workers’ compensation claim denied in NC?

As an employee, you depend on your employer's workers' compensation coverage to provide proper medical care and other benefits when you suffer a work-related injury. Unfortunately, the workers' compensation process is not always simple to understand, and some claims that seem straightforward get denied.

When a driver is emotionally unstable

There are many examples of times when people should not be behind the wheel, such as someone who is over the legal limit or extremely tired. However, some people do not pay attention to some of the other reasons why people can be unfit to drive. For example, someone who may be very emotionally unstable for one reason or another may be putting lives at risk by driving. If you ever worry that you are not able to drive safely because you are extremely angry or upset, it is a good idea to stay off of the road.

Accidents caused by driving a different type of vehicle

Car wrecks can happen because of risk factors that are less common, from a driver becoming startled by a spider that has crawled onto them to someone having a seizure while behind the wheel. It is also important to be aware of some of the risks that may come with driving a different type of vehicle. For example, someone who has only driven a small passenger vehicle may be more likely to cause an accident while trying to drive a truck or a recreational vehicle, for example.

Breaking down the statistics of texting and driving

North Carolina law considers texting while driving - or distracted driving on a whole - to be a traffic violation. This is for good reason, as the detrimental effects of distracted driving can be long-lasting and dangerous to everyone on the road.

You can defend against pending North Carolina traffic citations

When people think about their right to a defense, they usually think about serious crimes, not traffic violations. However, although traffic violations only result in a citation or ticket, you still have the legal right to defend yourself against one. In some cases, defending against a pending citation or ticket is the best option.

The 2018 race to get divorced

For many couples in North Carolina, the holidays can be a stressful time of year, especially when they are experiencing marital challenges. It is a known fact that often people choose to try and hold their marriages together during the holidays in part to try one last time to salvage their families and in part to avoid adding the stress of a divorce to an already tough time. This year, however, the opposite may be true and people who believe their marriages are over might actually work hard to complete their divorces as fast as they can.

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