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North Carolina's dram shop law says that bars can help cause DUIs

We last discussed North Carolina’s dram shop law in our Nov. 30, 2012 blog post. For new visitors to this blog, and to refresh the memory of longtime readers, a dram shop law allows victims of drunk driving accidents to hold the bar and restaurant where the driver became intoxicated accountable in civil court.

North Carolina teen may have been texting before dump truck crash

Despite frequent reminders to drive safely, many teenagers believe that a car accident could never happen to them. Among the more foolish things that many teen drivers engage in more frequently than other motorists is driving and texting.

Veteran North Carolina sheriff to retire after pair of accidents

The longtime sheriff of Orange County, North Carolina, has announced his retirement after getting into a pair of car accidents in about eight months. The sheriff, 79, appears to have been to blame in both incidents, though he did not say that they contributed to his decision not to seek a ninth term.

North Carolina town announces plans to improve pedestrian safety

Besides large cities, another type of place that can have problems with pedestrian-car accidents are towns with large seasonal populations. These towns' streets may not have built to accommodate as much walking traffic as larger urban areas. As a result, serious pedestrian accidents can occur.

Ex-North Carolina pol sues driver, bar for collision injuries

Former North Carolina state legislator Larry Womble, who retired from politics after being seriously injured in a car accident in 2011, has filed a personal injury suit against the estate of the man who caused the accident and the bar that served him alcohol that night. Womble's attorney said that the drunk driving accident caused his client tremendous personal and professional damage.

Texting responsible for fatal Lexington car accident

In Lexington, police are saying that texting while driving has claimed the life of another victim. The car accident happened as Davidson County sheriffs were conducting a roadblock during bridge construction over Abbotts Creek. Due to the roadblock, northbound traffic was reduced to two lanes, which reduced the average speed of the traffic to about 5 miles-per-hour. 

Trailer accidents can be prevented in North Carolina

With summer almost here, more families in North Carolina will be heading to the lake with their boats. This means that more vehicles will be pulling utility trailers, unknowingly putting everyone on the road at risk. Many people are unaware of the dangers utility trailers pose and how many trailer-related accidents have caused serious and fatal injuries to other people on the road.

Fatal car accidents increased last year

Car accidents are always happening and unfortunately, fatal car accidents increased throughout the country last year. Despite traffic fatalities declining during the previous years, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 34,080 people were killed in traffic accidents last year, which was a 5.3 percent increase from 2011. 

Distracted drivers a constant threat on the road

A new study on distracted driving shows that it is still one of the most common and most dangerous behaviors on the road. Just how many drivers are distracted? Roughly 660,000 people in the U.S. are using cellphones or electronic devices while driving at any given time, according to a new study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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