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Attorneys For The Injured In Southeastern North Carolina

After more than 30 years of focusing on recovering fair compensation for people hurt because of someone else’s negligence, our caring lawyers understand that accidents can happen anywhere. Property owners and businesspeople have an obligation to keep their buildings and grounds safe for others.

If you have fallen on a hotel stairway or deck, suffered an injury due to unsafe conditions at a pool, or been hurt because someone you were visiting failed to maintain a safe yard, you may have a clear legal right to seek insurance compensation or file a premises liability lawsuit. We want to help you find a way to pay for medical costs, replace lost wages and overcome your injury to the greatest possible extent.

Hurt On Rental Property? Did Someone Fail To Warn You Of A Danger?

Our entire legal team is compassionate and helpful. Whether you live near Wilmington, Jacksonville, Fayetteville or Whiteville — or you were hurt while vacationing nearby — skilled legal counsel can make a difference for you. Our premises liability experience and insurance knowledge equip us well to evaluate your potential case after:

  • slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident on dangerous property, resulting in a head injury, ankle or wrist injury, or other serious outcome
  • The collapse of a poorly maintained deck or other structure at a hotel, rental condominium or apartment complex
  • An unprovoked dog bite or other animal attack, resulting in serious harm to you or your child
  • Injuries incurred while visiting someone else’s home as a guest or invitee

Determining Whether Insurance Coverage Is In Place To Cover Your Expenses

The hardworking people we represent are rarely looking to file a lawsuit. Often, they underestimate their own medical needs and costs when, in fact, they could file a premises liability claim that is fully covered by insurance. We work toward positive outcomes for people — and we are adept at holding insurers accountable to the coverage they sell and provide.

Call our experienced Wilmington premises liability attorneys anytime you have questions about an insurance claim or your legal options. We are welcoming, easy to talk to, and focused on finding a way to help you overcome medical problems and stress, however your accident happened and whoever may be responsible.

Your consultation will be free, and it requires no financial commitment or risk at all. Contact us online or call 910-338-9813 today.

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