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Who Pays Medical Bills in a Car Accident in North Carolina (2024)

Whenever injuries are sustained in a car accident, one of the first concerns is how medical expenses will be covered. This is especially true when the injuries are severe and require a combination of short and long-term treatments to help the victim recover. Understanding who pays medical bills in a car accident in North Carolina is important to help you navigate the aftermath and ensure you can receive the treatment you need.

Understanding North Carolina’s Fault-Based Insurance System

North Carolina uses a fault-based insurance system for car accidents. This means that anyone who is found liable for causing a car accident will be held solely responsible for covering the damages. This includes the medical expenses of the victim. The at-fault party’s liability insurance may pay for some or all of the damages. If the victim still requires compensation, they may file a personal injury claim. Often, these cases are settled outside of court.

However, North Carolina also holds a contributory negligence rule. This means that even if the injured party is found to be 1% at fault for the accident, they are completely prevented from recovering any damages from the other party. Therefore, if you have been injured in a car accident, consider hiring a highly skilled car accident attorney. They can prevent the defendant from successfully arguing that you had a share in causing the accident.

Auto Insurance Laws in North Carolina

Having automobile insurance in North Carolina is not only mandated, but it also plays a significant role in covering the medical bills of those who have been injured. If you plan to drive in the state, it’s important to understand what is required when purchasing your own car insurance plan.

Liability Insurance

All drivers in North Carolina are mandated to have continuous liability insurance. This means that your insurance policy must always be active and meet the state’s minimum coverage requirements. Having this insurance means that if you were ever found to be at fault for causing a car accident, your insurance provider will pay for the medical expenses of the other parties involved.

In addition to liability insurance, all drivers must also carry uninsured coverage as well. This is designed to help protect you from being in a car accident with someone who does not have their own insurance. Uninsured motorist coverage helps to ensure that your medical bills and damages will still be covered and not force you to be penalized for someone else’s decision not to pay for car insurance.

While driving in North Carolina, everyone is required to also carry proof of their insurance at all times. For many people, this means keeping their policy documents safe and secure in their glovebox. This ensures you will always have this information accessible if you are involved in minor or severe car accidents.

The Value of Health Insurance

Your health insurance policy can also play a role in covering medical expenses after a car accident. It will cover any of your medical bills according to the terms and conditions of your plan, including co-pays and deductibles.

While your car accident case is open, it is encouraged to have your health insurance cover as much of your medical expenses as possible. Once fault is determined, the court will request that any expenses your insurance policy covers for your injuries be reimbursed by the at-fault driver’s insurance company. This process is called subrogation.


Q: Do I Have to Pay Medical Bills Out of My Settlement in North Carolina?

A: Yes, you will typically have to pay medical bills out of your settlement in North Carolina after a car accident. After receiving a settlement from an insurance claim, it will typically include compensation for your medical expenses. These funds were only awarded to cover either your future medical needs or to pay for an outstanding medical debt. Work with your attorney to help manage these payments and ensure that all medical costs are appropriately settled.

Q: How Does Med Pay Work in North Carolina?

A: Medical Payments (MedPay) coverage in North Carolina is an optional add-on to your car insurance policy. It is designed to help cover medical expenses that have been caused by a car accident, no matter who is found to be at fault. This MedPay extension will cover costs such as hospital visits, surgeries, and even the ambulance fee on the way to receive emergency care. This helps ensure you receive care without the delay of settling a fault-based claim.

Q: Which Type of Expenses Will Not Be Paid by Medical Payment Coverage?

A: MedPay does not cover property damage from car accidents, such as repairs needed to a vehicle or any other personal items that were damaged in the process. It also does not reimburse anyone’s salary for time missed away from work while recovering or for any pain and suffering. These specific expenses will need to be covered by other parts of an auto insurance policy or a personal injury claim.

Q: How Can a Car Accident Attorney Help With My Medical Bills After a Car Accident?

A: Car accident attorneys will help you with your medical bills by negotiating with insurance companies to help maximize how much compensation you are awarded for your injuries. They will also help to gather and present evidence to help prove how severe your injuries were. It’s important that both the insurance company and the court have the most accurate understanding of your injuries to prevent them from undervaluing your final settlement.

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Reach out to our team today to begin the legal process. We’re prepared to help you move on from your car accident by seeking a full recovery of your damages.

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