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Charged With Disorderly Conduct in Wilmington, NC? Resisting Arrest?

Our attorneys know from many years’ experience that you could be facing a charge of disorderly conduct, resisting a public officer, or something similar due to a wide range of circumstances. While these are serious misdemeanor charges that could result in large fines and jail time, it is important to know that we are often capable of helping the people we represent avoid harsh consequences and a permanent criminal record.

Led by experienced lawyer Christina Rivenbark, our firm has earned a reputation for hard work and integrity in the district courts throughout southeastern North Carolina. Once we know what happened, we can present options that help you decide whether to have us negotiate with the prosecutor for a manageable outcome or take your case to trial and target an acquittal.

wilmington disorderly conduct attorney

Productive Legal Action For Military Personnel, Students And Other Citizens

People from all walks of life can be charged with disorderly conduct, simple assault or other misdemeanors. Our defense lawyers are a solid, determined resource for:

  • Marines and other military personnel, arrested or ticketed while on leave near Wilmington, at a bar along the coast or elsewhere
  • Students arrested in bars, at parties or while engaged in any type of public demonstration
  • People charged with multiple offenses including drug possession, public intoxication or public urination as well as disorderly conduct

The North Carolina disorderly conduct law is very broad, encompassing virtually any public act a law enforcement officer may consider threatening or disruptive. Whether you were caught fighting, refused to follow the instructions of a policeman college official, or are accused of using an offensive gesture, you may need an attorney now to protect your rights.

wilmington disorderly conduct lawyer

Call 910-251-8080 for Legal Counsel in Wilmington, North Carolina

We do not view our clients as criminals, but as good people who have made an isolated mistake or, in some cases, been misidentified, mistakenly arrested or wrongfully accused. To discuss your needs and legal options with an experienced Wilmington disorderly conduct lawyer, request a free consultation today.


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