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You Need A Lawyer Who Knows How To Challenge Field Sobriety Tests

Throughout North Carolina, law enforcement officers are instructed to give drunk driving suspects a series of three field sobriety tests intended to better identify impaired drivers. Challenging how these tests were administered and whether the results are valid is one angle we will consider as part of a thorough investigation into your DWI arrest.

Like “breathalyzer” tests for blood alcohol concentration, field sobriety tests are administered under a wide range of conditions. Many people take them on dark roads, in inclement weather or under other difficult circumstances. If you believe challenging field sobriety test results should be considered when building your DWI defense strategy, please contact an attorney at Christina Rivenbark & Associates.

wilmington challenging field sobriety test attorney

Investigating Factors That May Have Prevented You From Passing Tests

Our lawyers are experienced in challenging whether field sobriety test results should be allowed as evidence against you, based on factors including your personal limitations and whether a sober person would have passed the tests as given. We may introduce evidence that:

  • Your eye condition, such as glaucoma, prevented you from performing well on the horizontal gaze nystagmus test requiring you to follow a light or object visually
  • Sloped or bumpy terrain, bad lighting, or physical problems such as a bad leg or back impacted your performance on the walk-and-turn or one-leg stand tests
  • Test instructions were given improperly or in a language you do not understand well

In some DWI cases, a police officer’s field notes and evidence in the arrest report, combined with your account of what happened, provide a solid basis to challenge evidence against you. In all cases, our experienced criminal defense attorneys take the time to learn about you and your needs — in order to help you decide on the best approach to your defense.

wilmington challenging field sobriety test lawyer

DWI Defense Lawyers In Wilmington

If you have prior offenses or a commercial driver’s license (CDL) to protect, you may decide that the most aggressive defense available is well worth pursuing. If evidence against you — including field sobriety test results — is strong and challenging it is unlikely to deliver positive results, you can count on our lawyers to negotiate assertively for manageable consequences that support keeping your life as intact as possible.

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