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It’s Important To Take A Neck Injury Seriously

Neck injuries often do not receive the respect they deserve from police, insurance claims adjusters or juries. Even family members may find it hard to understand when a person with soft tissue injuries such as neck injuries takes a very long time to recover.

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, we certainly understand the difficulties that neck injuries can bring about — and we take them extremely seriously. We have represented many clients who suffered neck injuries in car accidents, fall accidents and recreation accidents. We clearly recall their testimonies, along with testimonies of their doctors and families, about:

  • Necessary long periods of bed rest
  • Multiple medical treatments
  • Ongoing acute and chronic pain
  • Dependence on painkiller medications
  • Inability to resume normal life activities

wilmington neck injury lawyer

Get The Treatment You Deserve

Doctors of patients with neck injuries typically begin trying to treat them with conservative, noninvasive methods, such as recommended:

  • Painkilling medications
  • Ice and heat therapies
  • Stabilization of the neck with a brace or stiff collar
  • Physical therapy and/or occupational therapy

Chiropractic care is another option that helps some people with neck injuries. If these methods do not bring the desired relief and recovery, physicians may progress to more aggressive therapies, including:

  • Injections
  • Surgery
  • Experimental treatments such as a rhizotomy

Regardless of the type of medical care you need after a neck or back injury, it is best to work with a strong advocate who has experience recovering the compensation that injured people need. Besides medical bills, you may lose out on income and have other financial needs associated with your whiplash or other type of back or neck injury.

Helping You Pursue The Compensation You Need

wilmington neck injury attorney

Many people believe that paying medical bills and replacing lost wages is a matter of contacting appropriate insurance companies and making claims. Insured people with injuries are often shocked by the obstacles that come up as they try to recover compensation they are entitled to through insurance. An experienced personal injury attorney can get payments on the way more successfully and more quickly.

From our law offices in Wilmington, neck injuries lawyers at Christina Rivenbark & Associates are prepared to evaluate your case. If you select us and if we accept your North Carolina serious injury case, we will represent you on a contingency basis. Email us online or call us at 910-251-8080 to request a free consultation.


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