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A Driving After Revocation Conviction Can Have Serious Consequences

Under North Carolina law, driving while license revoked (DWLR) — sometimes called driving during revocation, or DDR — is treated as a misdemeanor criminal charge rather than a traffic violation. Many people are shocked by penalties that can include years added to your original revocation, massive insurance rate increases and even a jail sentence.

We are caring people as well as dedicated defense attorneys. We understand mistakes and lapses in judgment, along with pressures to take the risk and drive without a license. If you have been charged with DWLR or any other offense, you can talk to us, free of charge, knowing that we are not here to judge but to help in any way we can.

wilmington driving while license revoked dwlr attorney

Targeting A Favorable Outcome, Including Restoration Of Your Driving Privilege

Many circumstances can come into play with a charge of driving during revocation, including:

  • The reason for the original revocation, especially when you lost your license because of a DWI conviction or other serious criminal or traffic offenses
  • Whether you have been charged with DWLR before — since a second violation means enhanced penalties and a third can bring permanent revocation of your North Carolina driver’s license

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, we deal with numerous people, from students to professionals and active military personnel, who are charged with driving during a revocation they did not even know was in force. This can happen for many reasons, ranging from the accumulation of points against your license to the failure to pay fines or child support.

wilmington driving while license revoked dwlr lawyer

Explore Options With A Wilmington Driving-During-Revocation Lawyer

In these situations, we can work actively and constructively to take care of the original, underlying problem that led to your license revocation. In some situations we can file a motion for appropriate release (MAR) to re-open a traffic case or other matter and open a door for restoration of your driving privilege.

Please do not rely only on family or acquaintances for advice about dealing with a serious charge such as driving during revocation or DWI — or even a more “routine” traffic violation. Instead, contact a lawyer at our respected, welcoming firm at 910-251-8080 and get the facts about the consequences you face and legal options you may have.


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