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Defending You From Hunting And Fishing Violations

Many people depend on seasonal hunting and fishing for their recreation and as a supplementary food source. Some species, such as deer, rely on hunters to control their populations. However, a simple misstep can result in the loss of your license, criminal charges and hefty fines.

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, we understand how North Carolina fishing and hunting regulations work. We also know the defenses that are likely to render results. For immediate assistance, call 910-251-8080.

wilmington hunting and fishing violation attorney

Protecting Your Hunting And Fishing Rights And Freedoms

If you have been charged with a hunting or fishing violation, don’t just pay the fine. Protect your license and your ability to hunt and fish by speaking with one of our experienced lawyers. We represent those who face many types of charges, including:

  • Illegal baiting of waterfowl
  • Undersize and over-limit fish violations
  • Out-of-season hunting and fishing
  • Illegal use of lead shot with waterfowl
  • Trespassing
  • Spotlighting deer
  • Other fishing and hunting charges

Hunting and fishing laws are complex and vary from county to county. This means that a common practice that is permissible in your county may not be in a neighboring county, and vice versa. If law enforcement agents make mistakes when arresting hunters and fishermen, we will find those mistakes and work hard to get the charges dismissed.

As a firm with a solid practice in North Carolina criminal defense, we understand how important hunting and fishing are to your lifestyle and family. If you have been cited or charged, don’t just pay the fine. First talk to an experienced attorney who can explain your options and find out if law enforcement overstepped their bounds.

wilmington hunting and fishing violation lawyer

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Just because you were charged does not mean you will be found guilty. Let Christina Rivenbark & Associates help you keep your record clean. Call 910-251-8080 or send us an email. We look forward to protecting your freedoms.


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