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Legal Help For You And Your Family After A Dog Attack in Wilmington, NC

Some dog bites are nips that can be frightening but not serious, so long as the pet has had its shots and the owners take measures to prevent it from happening again. Others are extremely serious: Either a child or adult victim may need costly medical care for the wound, and visible scarring can require multiple surgeries or be a lifelong concern.

If you or your child has suffered a dog bite, or if you fell and suffered injury while trying to get away from a vicious dog on someone else’s property, please contact us now for a free legal case evaluation. Our premises liability attorneys will take your situation seriously, move quickly to investigate, and offer honest counsel about your eligibility for compensation.

wilmington dog bite attorney

Why Do I Need A Wilmington Dog Bite Attorney?

If someone else’s dog injured you or your child, you might assume that their liability is obvious and that you should have minimal difficulty holding them accountable for your damages on your own. However, it is never wise to attempt to handle a personal injury claim of any kind without legal representation, no matter how clear the fault may seem at first. Your experience was likely painful and traumatic, and dealing with the aftermath of the situation while simultaneously attempting to meet your case’s procedural demands with the Wilmington civil court would be incredibly demanding.

Even if you manage to succeed with a personal injury claim on your own, there is no guarantee that you would obtain maximum compensation for your damages without the help of a Wilmington dog bite lawyer. The average person would likely overlook crucial details of their claim, potentially settling for far less compensation than they rightfully deserve.

Instead of risking your recovery, have an experienced Wilmington dog bite attorney handle your case on your behalf. This allows you to focus on recovery with peace of mind knowing your claim is in reliable and trustworthy hands. Christina Rivenbark & Associates has years of experience handling complex personal injury claims on behalf of clients in Wilmington, NC, and surrounding areas, and we’re ready to put this experience to work for you.

Investigating Quickly To Document What Happened And Protect Your Claim

A dog bite injury may justify an insurance claim or a premises liability lawsuit, especially if:

  • The dog has bitten someone before, is generally known to be dangerous, or clearly should have been on a leash or otherwise better controlled by its owner. Once a dog has bitten someone, the court will usually place certain restrictions on the dog owner, requiring them to take various steps to ensure their dog does not injure anyone else. If they fail to meet these requirements, they may not only face civil liability for damages but additional penalties as well.
  • Injuries require costly medical care such as stitches, cosmetic surgery, or ongoing psychological counseling. Dog attacks can cause disfiguring and disabling injuries, and the experience of being attacked by a dog can be incredibly traumatic. These issues are pervasive when dogs attack young children. Many children develop permanent disabilities and suffer extreme psychological trauma from dog attacks.
  • The dog bite occurred while you were performing your job duties as a delivery person, mail carrier or repairman, for example — justifying a workers’ compensation claim as well as potential action against the negligent dog owner. Christina Rivenbark & Associates can not only help you file a workers’ compensation claim but also file a third-party personal injury claim against the dog owner responsible for your injuries.

Dogs can cause painful and traumatic injuries, sometimes with lasting effects that interfere with the victim’s ability to earn income and enjoy life. Whatever your case entails, our team will assist you in calculating the full range of damages you can seek from the dog owner responsible for your injury.

wilmington dog bite lawyer

Potential Compensation In A Wilmington Dog Bite Case

North Carolina’s personal injury statutes allow plaintiffs to recover compensation for all damages caused by a defendant. Therefore, you will likely need the assistance of an experienced Wilmington dog bite lawyer to help you calculate your total damages. Immediate losses like medical expenses and lost income from time spent in recovery are generally easy to calculate. Still, you may need help when it comes to assessing projected future losses and long-term damages like diminished earning capacity and ongoing medical treatment costs for disabling injuries.

You also have the right to seek compensation for physical pain and emotional distress. A dog attack can be terrifying, and many victims suffer serious physical injuries and develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other psychological distress from these experiences. The dog owner is responsible for your non-economic damages. An experienced Wilmington dog bite lawyer will help you determine a fair amount of pain and suffering damages to reflect the intensity of your experience.

It is vital to bear North Carolina’s contributory negligence law in mind if you intend to file a personal injury claim for a dog bite. This law prevents plaintiffs from recovering compensation for damages if they are partially responsible for causing their injury. Additionally, your claim must meet North Carolina’s strict liability rules pertaining to dog attacks. For example, if you did anything to provoke the dog to attack, such as threatening it or its owner, or if you were illegally trespassing on private property and were attacked by the owner’s dog, you have no grounds to file a civil claim. If there are any discrepancies as to your potential partial liability, consult a Wilmington dog bite lawyer as soon as possible.

FAQs About Wilmington, NC Dog Bite Law

How Much Is A Dog Bite Lawsuit Worth in Wilmington, NC?

Every dog bite case is unique, and every victim will have a different experience. North Carolina law ensures a plaintiff can claim compensation for all damages caused by a defendant’s negligence, and your Wilmington dog bite lawyer will be an essential asset when it comes to calculating the full range of your claimable damages. Remember that you have the right to claim both immediate and long-term damages resulting from the incident.

What Questions Should You Ask When Hiring A Wilmington Dog Bite Lawyer?

When you need to hire a Wilmington dog bite attorney, it’s vital to assess the attorney’s experience level handling cases like yours as well as their availability. Ask the potential attorney about their initial impression of your case, how much time they plan to dedicate to handling your case proceedings, and what sort of timetable they predict for securing a settlement. Also, be sure that you fully understand the attorney’s billing policy before agreeing to their representation.

What Happens If Your Dog Bites Someone In North Carolina

North Carolina’s strict liability rule applies to all dog bite claims. The only conditions are that the victim must not have done anything to intentionally provoke the dog, and the victim must have been legally present where the attack occurred. You are not responsible for bites or other injuries your dog causes to an intruder or trespasser on your property, nor would you be liable if the victim provoked the dog in some way.

Can You Sue If A Small Dog Bites You?

While large dogs are capable of causing traumatic and even life-threatening injuries, small dogs can also cause severe injuries. If you are unsure whether your recent dog bite qualifies for legal action, it’s best to consult an attorney. If you require any treatment that exceeds the scope of standard home first-aid, you likely have grounds for a personal injury claim against the dog’s owner.

We Will Explain Your Rights And Legal Options Clearly

Under North Carolina law, dog owners have liability if they do not exercise reasonable care to protect others from injury due to a dog bite or attack. Not doing so is negligence. Although many cases involve pit bulls, Rottweilers, or other large dogs, it is important to recognize that any dog can bite — and that most homeowners have insurance coverage that may apply to your situation.

Fast action can be important. An injury that appears minor at first could lead to medical costs you did not anticipate. Anywhere in the area from Fayetteville to Wallace and Jacksonville or Whiteville to Burgaw or Bolivia, contact our Wilmington dog bite injury lawyers right away so we can document what happened. Our mission is to help you get money you deserve for an injury you could not prevent. Call 910-251-8080 or contact us online today.


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