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Whenever one party is responsible for harming another party, this is a “personal injury” and grounds for a civil claim for damages under North Carolina law. If you or a loved one are recovering from an injury, illness, or economic loss that another party caused in any way, you could have grounds for a personal injury claim against them that can recover your losses.

Filing a personal injury claim is more complex than it likely seems at first, and while it’s not technically required to hire an attorney, a Jacksonville, NC personal injury attorney is an invaluable asset if you intend to pursue any such type of claim. Christina Rivenbark & Associates have the experience in personal injury matters that you need on your side to recover as fully as state law allows from your recent personal injury.

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Benefits of Legal Counsel for a Personal Injury Claim

The right attorney can have a tremendously positive influence on the outcome of any personal injury claim in North Carolina. Working with an experienced legal team as soon as possible after a personal injury significantly increases your chances of success with the recovery efforts you pursue. Depending on how and where your accident happened and who is responsible for causing it, you could have multiple options for recovering your damages, not all of which may be immediately obvious.

When you have an experienced Jacksonville, NC personal injury attorney handling your case, you will be better equipped to meet whatever challenges your case presents as you work toward obtaining compensation for your damages. Christina Rivenbark & Associates can provide a wide range of legal services intended to help you recover as fully as state law allows. We develop personalized legal strategies for every client we represent, and we keep our legal services accessible to those who need them most with contingency fee billing. There is no fee for our client until we secure compensation for their damages, and the contingency fee is only a percentage of their final case award. We are committed to helping our clients recover as fully as North Carolina state law permits, regardless of the type of personal injury they experienced.

An experienced Jacksonville, NC personal injury lawyer can help you compile your civil suit against whichever party is responsible for your damages. You may have the ability to file a workers’ compensation claim if your injury happened at work, or you could have grounds for an auto insurance claim against an at-fault driver who injured you. Whatever your case may entail, our team can guide you through all preliminary recovery efforts and then assist you in building your personal injury case, if necessary, to ensure your full recovery. You are most likely to succeed with any and all recovery efforts you pursue after a personal injury with reliable legal counsel available to assist you.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Represent in Jacksonville, NC

When you need legal counsel for a personal injury suit in Jacksonville, NC, it is essential to hire an attorney who has experience handling cases like yours. Christina Rivenbark & Associates can provide comprehensive personal injury representation in various types of personal injury cases, including:

  • Car accident claims. Passenger vehicle accidents are a leading cause of personal injuries throughout the US each year. If another driver caused an accident with your vehicle in North Carolina, you can file a claim against their insurance policy, seeking compensation for any damages they caused. If your damages exceed their insurance coverage, you will need to pursue a personal injury claim to recover the full amount of your damages.
  • Truck accident claims. Accidents involving large commercial trucks tend to be some of the most damaging vehicle accidents that happen in North Carolina. If you were injured in this type of accident, your damages are likely to be worse than they would be in a standard vehicle accident, and determining liability can be especially difficult in this type of vehicle accident case. It’s possible for a truck driver, their employer, or a combination of multiple parties to bear fault for this type of accident.
  • Dog bite injury suits. North Carolina upholds a strict liability rule for dog attacks. This means that when a dog injures a person, the dog’s owner is liable for all resulting damages. The only qualifying criteria are that the victim must not have provoked the dog in any way, and they must have been legally present wherever the attack occurred. Strict liability does not apply when dogs injure intruders or trespassers on their owners’ properties.
  • Premises liability claims. Property owners who fail to address foreseeable safety hazards on their properties face potential liability for any damages lawful visitors suffer as a result. If you believe a slip and fall or other similar injury resulted from a property owner’s failure to safely maintain their property, you could have grounds for a premises liability claim.
  • Catastrophic injury suits. A “catastrophic” personal injury is any injury that causes permanent damage to the victim. This could mean a permanent disability, loss of function, or any long-term medical complications that impair the victim’s ability to work, earn income, and live independently. Defendants who cause catastrophic injuries face substantial liability for victims’ damages.
  • Workplace injury cases. North Carolina state law requires almost every employer in the state to have workers’ compensation insurance. While an injured worker generally cannot sue their employer for a workplace injury, they may have grounds for legal action against a third party, depending on how their accident occurred. This claim, combined with workers’ compensation benefits, could equate to a more robust recovery for the victim.

Our team has helped many past clients with cases like these and more. We take time to learn as much as possible about each client’s unique situation, guiding them through the difficult proceedings they face and ensuring responsive communication when they need advice. Our goal in every personal injury claim we accept is to help our client prove liability and secure as much compensation as state law allows for their damages.

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Recovering From a Personal Injury in North Carolina

North Carolina state law allows the victim of a personal injury to seek full repayment of any economic losses suffered due to a defendant’s negligence or misconduct. To succeed with any personal injury claim, you must first identify the party or parties responsible for the injury and then prove the full range of damages they caused. You have the right to seek full compensation for all economic damages, which may include:

  • Medical expenses. If a defendant physically injured you or caused you to develop an illness, they are responsible for the cost of all medical treatment you require to reach maximum medical improvement. Your attorney can review your medical records and consult your doctor to help you assess the full scope of immediate and future medical expenses you are likely to face due to your personal injury.
  • Lost wages. Some personal injuries prevent victims from working until they recover. If you missed work because a defendant injured you, they are responsible for the income you lost during this time. This can also apply to repaying any vacation time or accrued paid time off you were forced to use because of your injury.
  • Lost future earning capacity. Some personal injuries, especially catastrophic personal injuries, have a high chance of causing long-term or permanent damage to the victim. If you are unable to work or must accept lower-paying work because of your personal injury, the defendant is responsible for the lost future income you could have earned if they had not injured you.
  • Property damages, such as damage to your home or vehicle. Whenever a defendant causes economic losses aside from physical injuries and lost income, the victim has the right to claim these losses as economic damages in their personal injury suit.

After calculating the full range of immediate and future damages you could potentially secure from the defendant in your case, you may be surprised to discover your claim is worth much more than you initially expected. For the best chance of maximizing your recovery from a personal injury, it is vital to have legal counsel you can trust to guide you through your proceedings.

Filing an Insurance Claim After a Personal Injury

Vehicle accidents commonly result in personal injury claims in North Carolina and throughout the United States, but the first step in recovering from most vehicle accidents in the Jacksonville, NC area would be filing an auto insurance claim against the at-fault driver. All North Carolina drivers are required to carry auto insurance, and a successful claim can provide compensation relatively quickly after an accident.

Unfortunately for many vehicle accident victims, dealing with insurance companies can be very difficult, and no insurance company has any incentive to pay out on a claim. The at-fault driver’s insurance company must process your claim in good faith, but it’s possible to encounter various problems with any auto insurance claim if you do not have an attorney advising you. Christina Rivenbark & Associates can help you draft your demand letter to an at-fault driver’s insurance carrier and ensure you receive an appropriate claim determination. If insurance cannot fully compensate your losses, we’ll proceed with a personal injury suit on your behalf to ensure an appropriate recovery.

It’s also possible that you may need to file a workers’ compensation claim if your personal injury occurred at work. This is another form of insurance claim that could pose unexpected difficulties, and you may have grounds for a third-party personal injury suit if a specific party bears fault for your workplace injury. Our team can guide you through the workers’ compensation claim process, resolve any disputes that arise with your employer’s insurance carrier, and explore your options for further legal recourse, if necessary, for your recovery.

A successful workers’ compensation claim can yield compensation for your medical expenses as well as temporary disability benefits if your injury prevents you from working. In North Carolina, disability benefits may be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis, though insurance carriers tend to offer large lump sum settlements to claimants who would otherwise qualify for permanent disability benefits. Your Jacksonville, NC personal injury attorney can help you make informed decisions concerning your benefits, and they will also be a valuable asset in building a third-party personal injury suit when you have grounds to do so.

What to Expect in Your Personal Injury Case

It’s understandable to feel daunted by the idea of filing a civil suit against another party in Jacksonville, NC, but you can approach your personal injury claim with confidence when you have the right attorney representing you. An experienced Jacksonville, NC personal injury attorney can provide the compassionate and responsive legal guidance you need no matter what your claim entails.

Every personal injury plaintiff will face a unique series of legal proceedings in resolving their claim. Before you file your civil suit, you should consult your attorney regarding any preliminary recovery efforts you should explore, such as an auto insurance claim or workers’ compensation insurance claim. Once you have addressed these preliminary recovery options, your legal team can begin building your personal injury case against the defendant.

Most personal injury claims filed in North Carolina end in private settlements. When a defendant is clearly liable for a personal injury and the plaintiff has more than enough evidence to firmly establish liability, a swift settlement allows the defendant to resolve the matter quickly and avoid the cost of protracted civil litigation. However, settlement is only possible when a defendant accepts liability and the parties can reach a mutually agreeable resolution. If a defendant denies liability, claims the plaintiff is at fault or disputes the damages sought by the plaintiff, the case could proceed to litigation.

When it comes to establishing fault for a personal injury, it is vital for Jacksonville, NC plaintiffs to understand the state’s contributory negligence law. Under this statute, a plaintiff cannot recover compensation for damages if they bear partial responsibility for causing their personal injury. If a defendant asserts contributory negligence in an effort to avoid liability for your damages, you will need an experienced attorney’s assistance to disprove their allegations and ensure the defendant’s accountability.

FAQs About Jacksonville, NC Personal Injury Law

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Jacksonville, NC Personal Injury Attorney?

If you are already struggling with the economic impact of a recent personal injury, it’s understandable to be hesitant about the potential cost of legal fees when you need to hire an attorney. Christina Rivenbark & Associates makes our legal counsel accessible to those who need it most with contingency fee billing. There is no fee unless we win your case, and the contingency fee is only a percentage of your final case award.

How Long Does It Take to Settle a Personal Injury Case in NC?

The time required to resolve your personal injury suit hinges on the clearness of liability and the scope of your damages. When fault is clear, the defendant’s best option is to settle the case as quickly as possible. Your Jacksonville, NC personal injury attorney can provide an estimate of how long it may take to resolve your case. Most personal injury claims filed in North Carolina last several weeks to a few months.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Claim Worth?

North Carolina law enables you to seek full repayment of all economic losses a defendant caused you to suffer. Additionally, if their actions caused a physical injury, illness, and/or psychological trauma, you have the right to seek compensation for the pain and suffering you experienced. An experienced attorney is the best resource to consult for an estimate of your case’s potential value.

Is Hiring a Jacksonville Personal Injury Attorney Necessary?

There is no strict legal requirement to hire an attorney to represent you in a Jacksonville, NC personal injury case. However, you are far more likely to succeed with an attorney’s assistance, and you will also be prepared to meet any unexpected challenges that arise throughout your case. Ultimately, legal counsel increases your chances of success with your claim and the chances of maximizing your final recovery.

Is it Worth Hiring a Jacksonville, NC Personal Injury Attorney?

While you may have understandable reservations about the potential cost of hiring legal counsel, you stand to lose more than you could save on legal fees if you tried to handle your case alone. Hiring an experienced Jacksonville, NC personal injury attorney to represent your claim can make a tremendous impact on the quality of your recovery, even after accounting for the cost of hiring your attorney.

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Christina Rivenbark & Associates have years of professional experience in personal injury representation for clients in Jacksonville and the surrounding communities of North Carolina. There are many challenges and opportunities that claimants may face in their recovery efforts. We can provide the comprehensive guidance and legal support needed for our clients to succeed with their claims. If you are ready to discuss your impending personal injury case with a Jacksonville, NC personal injury attorney you can trust, contact our team today and schedule a free consultation.


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