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Why Hire A Social Security Disability (SSD) Lawyer?

Why Hire A Social Security Disability (SSD) Lawyer?

Do You Really Need A Security Disability (SSD) Attorney in Wilmington, NC?

No one will be a better advocate for you than your lawyer. And when it comes to getting approved for Social Security Disability benefits, you might need all the help you can get.

Even though the Social Security Administration is in the business of providing a safety net for those who have been disabled and cannot work, there’s an incentive to “weed out” many of those who apply.

Unfortunately, this means that many truly disabled people get their Social Security benefits denied.

why hire a ssd lawyer in wilmington

Why Hire A Wilmington Social Security Disability Lawyer?

You hire a lawyer because you need an advocate in this process. Chances are you’ve already been denied after the first application. The key is: don’t give up.

  • Most initial claims are denied the first time — One of the major reasons that Social Security Disability claims are denied is lack of enough medical evidence of disability. This isn’t anyone’s fault — it’s simply part of the process. Unfortunately, lack of medical evidence often leads to a denial, which will require you to make an appeal.
  • Legal representation boosts your chances — What a lawyer can do for you is help you make your case. On appeal, you will need to show written evidence from a health care professional that clearly shows that you are disabled and cannot work — and you will need to back it up with a persuasive argument. A lawyer can also help you get the medical records and evidence you need, request doctor evaluations and ask for updated medical records to craft a persuasive argument that will improve your chances on appeal.

why hire a ssd lawyer in wilmington nc

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At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, we can help you obtain the benefits you deserve. Remember, more than half of all initial claims are denied. But that doesn’t mean you won’t eventually be approved.

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