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Proven Shoplifting Defense Lawyers in Wilmington, NC

In our view at the law firm of Christina Rivenbark & Associates, one mistake or lapse in judgment certainly does not make you a criminal — and it should not create adversity you have to live with forever. If you have been arrested for shoplifting or another misdemeanor theft charge, we will work hard to help you avoid damage to your record and your future.

From friendly, fully staffed law offices in Wilmington, our criminal defense attorneys counsel and represent all kinds of people in communities from Fayetteville and Whiteville to Jacksonville and Burgaw, and from Greenville and Goldsboro to Wallace and Bolivia. We encourage you to contact us anytime for a free consultation on your theft charge or other legal problem.

wilmington shoplifting theft attorney

Putting Decades of Defense And Negotiating Experience To Work For You

As a trusted legal resource for working people, students and professionals throughout our area for more than 30 years, our criminal defense lawyers have negotiated many favorable outcomes in retail theft cases. We can often work with the district attorney or judge in your county to help you avoid jail time, a severe fine or a conviction that stays on your criminal record forever.

Most people who face shoplifting charges are accused of stealing only small, relatively insignificant items. We will hear you out and negotiate skillfully on your behalf, emphasizing factors such as:

  • Your overall clean record or the absence of any prior theft offenses
  • Cooperation with law enforcement and willingness to return or pay for products or goods involved
  • Any doubt about your intentions, especially in situations where you did not physically leave the store with a stolen item

wilmington shoplifting theft lawyer

Consult A Patient, Helpful Lawyer Today

Intimidation is not part of our approach at Rivenbark & Associates. Neither is talking down to the people we serve in “legalese.” We stand ready to explain your options clearly, help you make the best possible decision, and take action to put this problem behind you.

Please call 910-251-8080 or e-mail us today to speak with an experienced Wilmington theft lawyer about your defense.


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