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North Carolina Move Over Law 2024 Explained

Every driver has a legal responsibility to operate their vehicle with reasonable care and to follow the rules of the road at all times. One…

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North Carolina Motorcycle Laws 2024 Explained

Motorcycles are popular throughout the United States. However, if you plan to ride a motorcycle, you must understand North Carolina motorcycle laws and meet all…

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Leland, NC, Crime Rate 2024 – Latest Statistics

Whether you live in the Leland area, plan to visit in the near future, or are considering moving to Leland, it is understandable to want…

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Wilmington, NC, Crime Rate 2024 – Latest Statistics

Whether you live in the Wilmington area or plan to visit or move there in the near future, it is understandable to want to know…

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North Carolina Crime Rate by City 2024 – Latest Statistics

Various government agencies and nongovernment organizations collect data and report North Carolina crime rate by city, and it is important for every resident of the…

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North Carolina Moped and Electric Scooter Laws 2024 Explained

Mopeds and electric scooters have become very popular throughout the United States, and each state has different laws pertaining to these vehicles. If you plan…

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Structured Settlements in North Carolina Personal Injury Cases – All You Need to Know

The objective of a personal injury case is for the injured plaintiff to prove liability for their damages and to recover compensation for those damages…

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2024 What to Do if You Witness a Car Accident in North Carolina

Car accidents happen in many ways, and it is vital for every driver to know what to do if they experience an accident. However, it…

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2024 How Long Can You Be On Workers’ Comp in North Carolina?

If you were recently injured at work in the state, you may wonder about what type of benefits you can receive from your employer’s insurance…

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2024 How Much Does a DUI Cost in North Carolina?

If you have been charged with driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI) in the state, you are understandably worried about the…

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