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Marijuana is illegal in North Carolina despite decriminalization

Cultural attitudes toward marijuana and marijuana users have shifted dramatically in the last two decades. Where people who used or grew marijuana were once considered a scourge on society, more people today recognize that marijuana use is comparable to alcohol consumption. Combine an increasingly lax social attitude toward marijuana with the fact that North Carolina decriminalized first time offenses regarding marijuana possession, and you may think it's practically legal here.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. In reality, even though there aren't criminal penalties associated with a first offense, possession or use of any amount of marijuana remains a crime in North Carolina. In fact, larger amounts of mariuana, possession with intent to distribute and growing marijuana all remain serious felonies in North Carolina.

Fighting traffic violations: 3 tips for getting off the hook

When you get a traffic violation, you may be worried about losing your license or having higher-than-usual insurance bills. Fortunately, you can fight any traffic ticket you receive to try to have it dropped before it hits your record.

Here are three tips to help you when you're planning to fight a ticket. If you're unsure if your ticket is worth fighting, then your attorney can give you more information on what to expect.

NC police experiment with new domestic violence evaluative tool

Domestic abuse in North Carolina, as elsewhere, is a two-sided subject. On the one hand, there is no question in many instances that a victim has been injured --- sometimes fatally -- by abuse. On the other hand, it sometimes turns out to be the case that a domestic violence allegation has been made to influence a family law matter, such as a pending divorce or child custody case, with no factual basis to support it.

Allegations of domestic violence are always serious matters, whatever the cause or underlying truth, and failure to promptly and carefully investigate them serves to disservice all involved parties.

Truck hits motorcycle from behind on N.C. highway, killing 2

The driver of a pickup truck that struck a motorcycle, killing the couple, says he did not see the bike until it was too late. It is not yet clear how this could be, given that this motorcycle accident happened before 8 p.m. on a North Carolina highway not far from Burlington. However it happened, this deadly incident is a solemn reminder of what can happen when car and truck drivers fail to look out for motorcycles.

The victims were riding north on N.C. 87 the evening of Oct. 11. A pickup truck driven by a 50-year-old man was also on the northbound side of the highway, but was going faster than the motorcycle and overcame them near an intersection with a side street.

North Carolina's dram shop law says that bars can help cause DUIs

We last discussed North Carolina’s dram shop law in our Nov. 30, 2012 blog post. For new visitors to this blog, and to refresh the memory of longtime readers, a dram shop law allows victims of drunk driving accidents to hold the bar and restaurant where the driver became intoxicated accountable in civil court.

The principle behind this law is that a business that serves alcohol owes the public a duty not to overserve its customers. By knowingly or negligently allowing a patron to become too drunk to drive, and allowing him or her to drive away anyway, it is as if the bar or restaurant caused the accident to happen, the thinking goes.

How the Government Shutdown Affects Social Security Disability

There's a lot of confusion about how those on, or in need of, Social Security Disability are affected by the government shutdown. We've put together this page to hopefully answer any questions you have. If you still have questions, please contact our office.

Device to keep cars out of semi truck gap may not be enough

Readers have probably noticed that 18-wheelers sit quite a bit higher off the road than other motor vehicles. The gap between the bottom of the trailer and the road is often high enough that a car could fit into it in an auto accident. Drivers and passengers can become trapped in their vehicles during a wreck, possibly increasing their chances of serious injury.

To prevent some of these truck accidents from happening, federal regulations require semi trucks to have underride guards. These are metal barriers that hang from the back of the trailer to keep passenger vehicles from slipping underneath -- at least in theory.

Store's waxed floor blamed for customer's personal injury

Many slip-and-fall cases in North Carolina involve a store or other business that is open to the public with a mess on the floor. Snow or mud tracked in from outside, or spilled merchandise like salad dressing, can cause harm to customers if employees do not clean it up or at least provide a warning.

Ironically, another way stores can put their customers at risk is by cleaning the floor. A freshly mopped or waxed floor can be just a slippery as one covered by a mess. If the store allows people to walk on wet or waxy surfaces instead of directing them around the area or placing a caution sign, serious injuries could be the result. This is a form of negligence that could cause the store to pay for the victim's injuries.

North Carolina teen may have been texting before dump truck crash

Despite frequent reminders to drive safely, many teenagers believe that a car accident could never happen to them. Among the more foolish things that many teen drivers engage in more frequently than other motorists is driving and texting.

Police are investigating whether a North Carolina high schooler recently caused an auto accident with a dump truck by driving while distracted by his cellphone. Though it is not yet known that he was texting and driving, police have not yet ruled it out.

Brain's mistake in visual perception may cause motorcycle crashes

One reason that motorcycle accidents happen is drivers fail to look at their blind spots, or they simply fail to watch out for (and respect) motorcyclists on the road. Motorcyclists and driver of other vehicles may have a somewhat rocky relationship out on the road -- but that shouldn't prevent drivers in closed, protected cars from dismissing the presence of a motorcyclist. People on motorcycles are inherently more prone to injuries in an accident.

But why is it like this? Why do so many motorcycle accidents happen because the driver of a car "just didn't see him coming?"

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