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Different ways that medication can affect your driving

People take prescription medication for all sorts of reasons. From helping with insomnia to relieving pain or anxiety, there are many different medications that people consume and they can affect the body in various ways. Sometimes, these medications can have a negative impact on a person’s driving abilities. For example, someone may feel drowsy or be unable to focus on the road because of how they feel after taking certain drugs.

Someone who has taken prescription medication may have more difficulty concentrating on the road and operating their vehicle properly. In fact, someone may even fall asleep or pass out while driving because they have taken too much of a certain drug or they were not aware of how a prescription would affect them. As a result, it is essential to be aware of the drugs you take and how they may affect your ability to drive.

Cancelling a vacation due to an auto accident

Motor vehicle collisions have a number of consequences and our law office’s blog has covered many of the hardships that victims have to work through. From physical pain to mental trauma and financial concerns, these wrecks are often devastating for those involved as well as those they love. It is important to bear in mind that these collisions can create other problems in victims’ lives, which auto accident victims may not even realize at first. For example, they may have had a vacation planned in the future and there are a number of reasons why an accident may derail these plans.

Following a collision, victims may face a number of financial problems that could prevent them from travelling. Or, someone may have to cancel their plans because of mental trauma that they have suffered from ever since the crash. Physical injuries, and the temporary or long-term disabilities that may arise from these injuries (such as being unable to walk) can also interfere with travel. Moreover, even when financial and mental concerns are non-existent, a car accident injury may completely prevent someone from being able to participate in the purpose of their travel, whether they wanted to compete in a physically-demanding competition, climb a mountain, etc.

Talking with your kids about your decision to divorce

The decision to split up with a spouse can be hard for many reasons. For starters, some people worry about the financial repercussions that may come with the end of their marriage, whether they have concerns about how marital property will be split up or they are worried about the amount of child support or alimony they will be obligated to pay. Outside of financial concerns, there are other things to consider, such as the emotional impact of divorce and how this decision could affect kids.

If you know that moving forward with the end of your marriage is necessary, it may be helpful to discuss what is going on with your kids. Divorce can affect children in different ways and some parents may worry that splitting up with their spouse will lead to their child performing worse in school or becoming depressed. However, when you take the right approach to your divorce and reassure your child that they are still loved, you may be able to reduce or even eliminate these concerns.

Do you know what coverage you get from workers' compensation?

Any day that you go to work, you risk a potential injury as a result. Even if you work in retail or a comfortable office setting, the danger is there for a work-related injury or acquired illness. Sometimes, work injuries are the result of a fluke or unusual accident. Even spilled coffee could result in serious injuries. Other times, injuries more closely reflect the nature of the job.

Those who type all day, as well as those who drive or manually handle pieces on a production line, may develop repetitive-motion injuries. Construction workers could end up with electric shocks or get hurt or killed in falls. Regardless of the nature of your job, injuries are always possible. Educating yourself now about workers' compensation can protect you in the future if you wind up hurt at work.

Divorce in the digital era

If you are in the early stages of moving ahead with a divorce, you could have various questions related to legal issues and how this decision will affect your life. With social media and so much access to information, you may also be impacted by technology as you work through the end of your marriage. There are a variety of ways in which technology can impact a person’s divorce, both positive and negative. From online posts to accessing a world of information, it is important to take advantage of the benefits of technology and watch out for some of the pitfalls as well.

For starters, divorce can be contentious and emotionally charged. Some people vent their frustration on a social networking site, whether they post an angry video or leave a threatening message on someone else’s blog. Sharing certain images and text on one’s account is another way people may try to get revenge or hurt their former partner during or after a divorce. However, this online activity can be very damaging for those being attacked and those responsible for the posts as well.

Thick fog, rain and other weather hazards

When it comes to motor vehicle accidents, a number of factors may lead to a crash. Many wrecks are the result of a driver’s negligence, such as those which are caused by drunk driving or other examples of reckless behavior. With that said, many other factors cause crashes, such as vehicle-related problems (brake issues, etc.) and poor weather conditions. From thick fog to snow, ice and heavy rain, there are many different ways in which weather can make a motor vehicle collision more likely.

In colder climates, the roads can be very dangerous during the winter due to ice and snowfall. However, drivers should be cautious throughout the year since there are other ways weather can lead to a crash. For example, fog might prevent a driver from being able to see the road well, while heavy rain may have an impact on visibility and even cause a driver to lose control. In fact, strong wind can even increase the likelihood of a crash by blowing debris on the road.

Reckless driving is dangerous and can lead to legal trouble

When you take to the road, there is nothing more important than your safety. Even if you have to slow down and go out of your way, it's better than putting yourself at risk.

Reckless driving remains a major problem in North Carolina, as well as every other state in the country. Not only do you personally need to follow the rules of the road, but you must know what other drivers are doing at all times.

Memorial Day and drunk driving crashes

A motor vehicle accident brought on by the consumption of alcohol may happen at any time of the year or time of day. With that being said, certain days are especially dangerous when it comes to drunk driving. For example, the holidays bring families and friends together for celebration, but this can also lead to the consumption of alcohol. For some people, Memorial Day celebrations are so hectic or exciting that they forget they consumed enough alcohol to put them over the legal limit and end up driving drunk, even if they consider themselves a responsible driver. Sadly, this behavior places many lives at risk.

Some people drive while intoxicated due to alcohol and simply do not care, believing that they will not be caught and that an accident will not take place. For others, drunk driving may be somewhat accidental. For example, someone may have a mixed drink at a friend’s party and not realize how much alcohol was in the cocktail. Or, they might consume alcohol and believe that they are no longer intoxicated after hours have passed, even though they are still over the legal limit.

The point system makes every traffic ticket significant

You know that a traffic ticket can affect your insurance rates, but did you also know that North Carolina law adds points to your driving record every time you get a citation? At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, we understand the importance of maintaining a clean record to prevent license suspension and other serious problems down the line.

The North Carolina Driver's Handbook explains that some traffic violation convictions result in very few points. For example, if you are caught throwing litter out of your car window, you may only get one point. On the other hand, if you pass a stopped school bus, you may have eight points applied to your record. Tailgating, passing illegally and failing to yield the right of way to a pedestrian or bicycle are all worth five points.

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