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The risks of driving on a suspended license in North Carolina

In many ways, motor vehicles have become a necessity of modern life. The average adult likely requires their own vehicle to get to and from work, perform daily chores, such as shopping, and even maintain a healthy social life.

Losing your license can leave you in a precarious position, where you depend on taxis, paid ride apps or public transportation. Unfortunately, none of these systems are completely reliable, leaving you at risk for chronic tardiness and developing a reputation as someone who can't show up on time. That could affect both your social life and your career.

Driving a work vehicle while intoxicated

Often, when people think about drunk drivers they may picture someone who is leaving a bar or getting in the car after drinking too much at home or at a friend or family member’s house. However, there are many different scenarios which involve drunk driving and some occur in the workplace. For example, someone may be pulled over by a law enforcement official and charged with drunk driving while they are operating a company vehicle and performing their job duties. There are a number of things to keep in mind when it comes to work-related DUI charges.

First, workers may drive drunk for a number of reasons. Some may struggle with an addiction to alcohol, or they may be charged due to driving while intoxicated after taking street drugs or prescriptions that they are addicted to. Outside of addiction, someone may accidentally drive drunk after drinking too much alcohol during their lunch break. Regardless of the reasons why people drive drunk at work, the consequences can be very serious. These charges can result in not only the loss of someone’s job but time behind bars and the loss of their driving privileges altogether.

When a car crash keeps you from competing

There are many different consequences that may arise in the wake of a motor vehicle collision, from those which are financial (struggling to pay medical expenses or losing wages because you have to take time off work) to those which are emotional (depression or even anger). Some people are seriously hurt in motor vehicle wrecks and these injuries can do more than prevent them from working. For example, someone may have been training for a competition for months or for years and injuries they suffered in a crash may force them to quit.

Whether someone is training for an endurance race, a bodybuilding competition, a surfing contest or any other type of competition which involves physical activity, becoming injured can derail hopes and dreams. Sadly, some of these injuries are the result of another person’s careless behavior, such as someone who gets in their car after they have been drinking too much alcohol. If you have suffered any kind of injury because of a reckless driver, you should be fully aware of your legal options and make sure that you receive the support you need to recover.

Recovering from a construction site accident

People who work in many different fields face a variety of risks each day. At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, we understand that construction workers often find themselves in particularly dangerous situations. If you work in construction in Wilmington, or any other part of North Carolina, you may be exposed to dangerous chemicals, work with certain types of machinery that can lead to a serious injury, be exposed to electricity or work in high spaces, among other hazards. In the event that you are involved in an accident, it is pivotal to make sure that you recover to the best of your ability.

Construction injuries can cause a great deal of pain, but they can also lead to permanent changes. For example, someone may have to leave construction for good, which can bring on financial problems and a considerable amount of uncertainty regarding their future. Hospital bills and many other challenges associated with injuries may also be troubling. Fortunately, many workers have been able to piece their lives back together by applying for workers' compensation. These benefits can help in a number of ways, such as training for a new career and help with lost wages. Workers' comp is a lifeline for many injured workers who have given up hope after a job-related mishap.

Disorderly conduct accusations as a tourist in North Carolina

Going on vacation to another state can mean a lot of fun, parties and perhaps will involve the consumption of alcohol. You will expect that your vacation will involve creating memories that you will remember for years to come, but getting into a situation whereby you become accused of disorderly conduct will not have been something that was in your plans.

Being accused of disorderly conduct or a similar crime while on vacation in the state of North Carolina can be a very stressful situation. It is likely that North Carolina will have slightly differing laws on disorderly conduct than in your home state. It is important that you take the time to learn about how the law works in the state of North Carolina so that you can adequately defend yourself.

The financial consequences of a work-related injury

When someone is hurt while working, their life may be adversely impacted in many ways. They may struggle with an overwhelming amount of physical pain and they could be unable to participate in physical activities they enjoy. Sometimes, these injuries create lifelong problems, while others create short-term hardships. Outside of the physical and mental challenges that may come with a workplace accident, these injuries can be devastating from a financial angle as well. If you were hurt while performing your job, it is important to be aware of the different ways your finances could be affected and know which options you have.

For starters, work-related injuries can force employees to take time off of work, regardless of whether or not they want to. Missing work can bring on financial difficulties and this is certainly not the only reason why work accidents can be so difficult from a financial point of view. Medical bills can be very costly, and some injured workers may struggle with costs associated with rehabilitation.

When do people qualify for Social Security Disability in NC?

If you have recently experienced a debilitating injury or developed a severe illness, you may find yourself wondering about Social Security Disability. After all, this program exists to help people who are struggling with medical conditions that make working prohibitive.

Understanding the typical qualifiers for Social Security Disability can help you understand if it is worthwhile to file a claim. If you have reason to believe you may qualify, the sooner you start educating yourself about your rights and the potential benefits available, the sooner you can make an informed decision about filing to connect with those benefits.

When a driver intentionally causes an accident

We have covered a plethora of factors related to car accidents, and most are just that—accidents. However, some crashes are intentionally caused by a reckless driver. There are a variety of reasons why a person may do something that is so unbelievable. For example, a driver may be suicidal and decide to end his or her life by colliding with another vehicle, which can result in the loss of innocent lives. Or, a driver may want to get revenge on someone or damage a vehicle due to road rage or a dispute between drivers.

Unfortunately, many drivers have purposely caused a crash and some may not have expected the end result to be so devastating. For example, someone may find themselves in a verbal argument with another driver and become so upset that they ram into the vehicle. However, this could spur a chain reaction which brings other vehicles into the accident and claims multiple innocent lives.

Live streaming while driving

In the digital era, there are many different ways that life has changed. From online shopping to connecting with old friends through social media, technology has brought a number of benefits. Live streaming, where people record themselves and broadcast video to an audience in real time, has become increasingly popular. Some people live stream themselves playing video games, while others may record themselves while they do certain real-life activities, such as driving a vehicle. Unfortunately, this can be incredibly risky and has resulted in a number of accidents in recent years, including some which have proven fatal.

When a driver is recording themselves while behind the wheel, they may be interacting with a live audience, which can be a major source of distraction. Moreover, they may take their hands off of the wheel to use equipment, such as adjust a video camera. Mentally, a driver may be too focused on their audience and recording themselves when they should be paying attention to the road. Moreover, those who record themselves via live streams are not always popular or broadcasting to the general public. For example, someone may be streaming themselves in front of a small audience that consists of a few friends.

Risks associated with riding a scooter

People ride scooters for a wide variety of reasons. Some may simply enjoy this method of transportation, while others may not be able to afford another type of vehicle or have access to a car at a particular time. However, riding a scooter can be dangerous, as with all other types of driving. Those on a scooter may be especially likely to sustain serious injuries or pass away when they are involved in a collision on the road. After all, when someone who is riding a scooter is hit by a passenger vehicle or a large truck, the impact can be devastating.

While riding a scooter, the same risks that create hazards for those who drive other types of vehicles also apply. Inclement weather, drunk drivers, distracted driving due to smartphones and other risks must be taken into consideration. Sometimes, drivers have difficulty seeing someone who is riding on a scooter and this is especially problematic with respect to distracted and inattentive driving. With less protection, someone on a scooter may be seriously hurt when they are struck by a car and those whose lives have been destroyed because of a reckless driver deserve justice.

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