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Don’t Assume Insurance Companies Will Pay For Your Losses After An Intersection Accident

Intersection accidents often result in serious injuries, especially in T-bone type collisions. While you may assume that the other driver’s insurance policy will cover damages such as medical bills, lost wages, and physical and mental pain and suffering, that is not always the case. If the other driver does not accept liability, his or her insurance company may refuse to pay.

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, our attorneys represent people in Wilmington and other communities in North Carolina who have been injured in all types of auto accidents, including those in which liability is contested. For a free consultation about your case, call 910-338-9813.

Determining Fault In Intersection Accidents

There are generally three types of intersections:

  • Those controlled by lights
  • Those controlled by stop signs
  • Uncontrolled intersections

Even though one driver is usually at fault, the facts can be disputed. For example, in a lighted intersection, was the light red or green? Without independent witnesses, it may be a case of one driver’s word against the other’s. Even a driver who admits liability at the scene can change his or her story when it comes time to pay the bill. For this reason, it’s important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible if you have been injured in an intersection accident. Vehicle skid marks can be washed away and witnesses’ memories can fade.

Contact A Wilmington Attorney For Car Accident Claims

You should not make a recorded statement to the insurance company of the other driver without legal advice. Your words can be twisted around to and used to assign a percentage of the liability to you. In North Carolina, you cannot recover compensation if even 1 percent of the fault is assigned to you.

Our attorneys have decades of experience helping the victims of negligent drivers. For a free initial consultation with a Wilmington intersection accident attorney, call 910-338-9813 or contact us online.

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