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Defense Against Domestic Violence Protective Orders

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates our experienced Wilmington criminal defense attorneys know that there can be ulterior motivations for someone taking out a Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO) against you. We work to protect your rights.

What Is A DVPO?

A DVPO is a Domestic Violence Protective Order.  There are two parts to this order, the temporary order and the permanent order. Here are the steps:

  • There is an initial “ex parte” hearing where the person who says they feel threatened or harmed goes before a judge and gets a temporary 7-10 day restraining order.
  • You will receive a summons from the sheriff when this temporary order is approved. Do not violate this order. The order itself is not a criminal charge, but violating the order is.
  • Once you receive a summons you will appear in court and testify.

As experienced attorneys who understand North Carolina criminal defense procedures, we will represent you at all hearings. We will reveal any inaccuracies and inconsistencies to the other party’s testimony. An appeal after a permanent order has been granted is also an option in some cases.

Work With The Team Who Will Protect Your Future

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, we understand what is at stake in a DVPO. We can help you understand what to do after you receive an order. Call 910-338-9813 for a free consultation and to talk about your situation. You can also reach contact us by email.

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