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Adult And Juvenile Representation For Drug Charges

Whether you are charged with marijuana possession or drug trafficking, you do not want a conviction on your record. Even minor drug crimes are taken seriously by employers, colleges and financial institutions. You do not want a mistake to follow you for the rest of your life.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug crime, speak with a criminal defense lawyer at Christina Rivenbark & Associates. We provide aggressive, strategic defense against North Carolina drug charges. For a free consultation with a Wilmington drug crime lawyer, please call 910-338-9813, or contact us online.

From Possession To Trafficking

We can defend you against charges involving illegal substances such as marijuana, synthetic marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines (meth and crystal meth), heroin, LSD, prescription drugs and bath salts, including:

In all drug cases, it is important to challenge the evidence and police procedure. Did law enforcement search your home or vehicle without a warrant and without probable cause? Was a confidential informant used to make the arrest? Many times, we find issues of illegal search and seizure in drug cases.

Contact A Wilmington Marijuana Possession Lawyer

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, we will carefully examine the police procedure used during your arrest. If your constitutional rights were violated, we can argue for the suppression of evidence and/or the reduction or dismissal of the charges.

Please call our office at 910-338-9813 or contact us online to schedule a free, no-risk consultation.

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