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Remove Points From Your Driving Record With A Motion for Appropriate Relief

Like many individuals, you may pay traffic tickets without understanding and thinking through the implications. However, it can be confusing then to receive a massive insurance bill or be notified by the DMV that your driver’s license is suspended. Maybe you feel it is all some sort of administrative or legal mistake.

Some of these situations call for a legal action called a “motion for appropriate relief,” or MAR. Through this process, you may be able to remove points from your driving record in order to relieve yourself from a license suspension or increased insurance bill.

Always Seeking An Efficient, Affordable Way To Resolve Your Problem

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates in North Carolina, we understand complex laws and procedures that apply to MAR situations but we will speak to you in plain language. We focus on making you feel comfortable and fully understanding your needs, recognizing that you should not be expected to interpret legal documents and navigate the courts on your own.

We know you may feel distress or even panic about mistakes you may have made in dealing with a traffic ticket or other legal issue. In many cases, we can remove that regret by taking the right legal action, such as a motion for appropriate relief. An experienced lawyer at our firm will ask the right questions, do the right research, and look for the most affordable and effective way to solve your problem.

  • Essentially, when handled properly, a motion for appropriate relief can sometimes provide you with a second chance to make the right decision on a legal problem — or it can be necessary to correct a mistake made by the court.
  • It amounts to a “re-opening” of your case, and it can help resolve a serious problem in some situations.
  • Taking points off a driving record is always a good thing, though it may not be available to everyone. Talking with a Wilmington lawyer for MAR claims assistance is the first step.

Looking For Legal Options? Call 910-338-9813 In Wilmington.

As attorneys respected throughout the Cape Fear area for our adept handling of traffic violations and misdemeanor cases, we have filed numerous successful motions for appropriate relief.

If you have heard the term used or simply run into a legal issue you do not understand, please call 910-338-9813 to speak with one of our attorneys. We offer practical legal counsel and action you can trust.

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