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Wilmington Texting While Driving Lawyer

Wilmington Texting While Driving Lawyer

Charged With Texting While Driving in Wilmington, NC? We Can Help.

The popularity of texting from cell phones and other handheld devices has exploded in recent years. We know that this is a key way to communicate for many students at UNC Wilmington, other colleges, and high schools throughout the Cape Fear area and southeastern North Carolina. Texting is also rapidly gaining favor with busy working people, and the temptation to send a quick message while driving is always there for some.

Texting while driving is a danger that some studies have compared to drunk driving. As a result, North Carolina recently made texting while driving — as well as checking e-mail, accessing the Internet, or using other “additional technology” — illegal for anyone other than law enforcement personnel or emergency responders. If you learned this the hard way, by receiving a citation, you can contact us today for helpful legal counsel.

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The law that became effective statewide in December 2009 currently provides for a $100 fine. Although points against your driver’s license or insurance record are not yet being assessed for texting while driving, that could change in the future. You should certainly seek help from an experienced traffic defense lawyer if:

  • Your citation resulted from a mistake by the police officer
  • You were involved in a car accident and accused of distracted driving
  • You were given multiple traffic tickets — perhaps for both speeding and texting — or charged with a misdemeanor such as reckless driving, which could ultimately cost you your driver’s license and hundreds or thousands of dollars

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We help many students and youthful offenders deal effectively with charges that can impact their driving records and overall futures, including a wide range of other traffic violations, charges of underage drinking and more.

As of mid-2010, it is still early to gauge the impact of our new texting ban. Our dedicated Wilmington texting while driving attorneys track all changes to our traffic laws, and you can depend on honest guidance on whether hiring a lawyer makes sense for you.

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