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Speeding tickets are some of the most commonly issued traffic violations in North Carolina. When the police observe a driver exceed posted speed limits, they can conduct a traffic stop and issue a ticket to the driver. In some cases, drivers can be arrested after traffic stops for speeding. While many people believe that paying the fine on the ticket is the best way to resolve these incidents, the reality is that any driver issued a speeding ticket in Shallotte, NC, should know their legal options for fighting their tickets.

Shallotte Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Defense Representation for Shallotte, NC, Speeding Ticket Cases

A Shallotte speeding ticket attorney is the ideal resource to consult in this situation. The police sometimes use questionable methods to assess whether drivers are speeding and may not have proof to back up their accusations against some drivers. It’s also possible for the ticket to have consequences the driver does not immediately recognize. Experienced defense counsel can help drivers determine their best options for defending themselves in situations like these. When a driver has legal representation they can trust, they are better prepared to face their traffic court proceedings and more likely to secure a positive outcome.

Potential Consequences of a Speeding Ticket in North Carolina

Christina Rivenbark & Associates routinely assists Shallotte, NC, area clients with speeding ticket cases, which entail significant penalties. While a minor speeding ticket for a driver with a clean driving record may only result in a fine, other drivers face more expansive penalties. North Carolina state law assigns penalties for speeding tickets based on the driver’s record and the severity of the speeding offense. In addition, when a driver causes an accident because of speeding, they can face additional charges as well as civil liability for any damages they cause to others.

Speeding ticket fines in North Carolina typically range from $100 to $1,000. For example, a driver ticketed for speeding at 35 mph in a 25 mph is likely to face a smaller fine than a driver ticketed for doing 60 mph in a 35 mph zone. However, some drivers can face jail time for up to 60 days, three demerit points on their licenses, and up to one year of driver’s license suspension for severe offenses. In addition, drivers cited for speeding more than 15 mph above a speed limit posted under 55 mph can face reckless driving charges and enhanced penalties.

In addition to any penalties assigned by the Shallotte, NC, criminal court, the driver will also face increased auto insurance premiums. Some insurance companies may refuse to work with certain drivers after multiple traffic violations, including speeding tickets. Ultimately, even a seemingly minor speeding ticket can have incredibly disruptive results, and severe speeding offenses can carry surprisingly harsh penalties for some drivers.

Benefits of Legal Counsel for Your Speeding Ticket Case

Whenever an American citizen is charged with a criminal offense, they have the right to legal counsel. While some people mistakenly believe it isn’t worth fighting a traffic ticket, the reality is that hiring a Shallotte speeding ticket lawyer to represent you can significantly improve the outcome of your case. In addition, the cost of hiring legal counsel could be far less than the total cost of the penalties you face if you admit guilt for the ticket.

An experienced Shallotte speeding ticket attorney can help you determine the best defenses available to you in a speeding ticket case. If you show up to court to fight your ticket, it’s possible that the officer who issued your ticket will not appear to contest you, and in this case, the judge may rule in your favor if you make a compelling case. However, when you must confront the officer who issued your speeding ticket, your defense attorney can help you prove they failed to establish clear proof of speeding, used an unreliable measurement method to assess your speed, or failed to establish cause to conduct a traffic stop in the first place. Every speeding ticket case is unique, and an experienced Shallotte speeding ticket lawyer can develop a defense tailored to their client’s specific situation.

FAQs About Shallotte, NC Speeding Ticket Law

What Is the Maximum Possible Penalty for a Speeding Ticket in North Carolina?

North Carolina’s “absolute” speeding limit law is quite strict, meaning drivers can face speeding tickets for exceeding posted limits by just 1 mph. Fines for speeding tickets can reach up to $1,000, but the other penalties hinge on various factors, such as the driver’s current demerit points, the amount by which they exceeded the speed limit, and whether they caused an accident.

Can a Shallotte Speeding Ticket Lawyer Help Me If I Live Outside of North Carolina?

Christina Rivenbark & Associates routinely assists clients who live outside North Carolina but receive speeding tickets and other traffic citations while visiting from out of state. When you hire our team as your Shallotte speeding ticket lawyers, we can represent you in traffic court, so you do not have to return to North Carolina to fight your ticket.

How Long Does a Speeding Ticket Stay on Your Record in North Carolina?

Prior speeding tickets can influence the penalties for subsequent traffic violations in North Carolina. If you receive a speeding ticket or are cited for any traffic violation resulting in a ticket, the record remains active for three years. If you receive another traffic citation in this three-year period, your penalties can increase based on your acquired demerit points and other penalties.

Is It Worth Hiring a Lawyer to Fight a Speeding Ticket?

Speeding tickets are commonly dismissed as minor issues that are easily resolved, but this isn’t necessarily true. If you are facing a speeding ticket with substantial penalties, the cost of hiring legal counsel could be more manageable than the total economic impact of your combined penalties. The sooner you speak with a Shallotte speeding ticket lawyer, the sooner they can begin working on your case.

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Christina Rivenbark & Associates has years of experience assisting clients in the Shallotte, NC, area with speeding ticket cases. If you have been issued a speeding ticket, we can help you determine the best way to fight it and avoid the potentially harsh penalties you face. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with a Shallotte speeding ticket attorney.


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