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Car accidents are a leading cause of accidental deaths and injuries in the United States annually. Unfortunately, when a car accident occurs, victims are often left wondering who is responsible and how they can recover their losses. North Carolina law requires all drivers to carry auto insurance that can come into play after an accident, but insurance alone may not cover the victim’s total losses. Additionally, securing a favorable settlement to a car insurance claim is likely to be far more challenging than it seems initially.

Helping Shallotte, NC, Car Accident Victims Recover

If you or a loved one is struggling with injuries and economic losses from a car accident someone else caused, a Shallotte car accident attorney is the best resource to consult if you want to maximize your recovery options. Christina Rivenbark & Associates’ attorneys have years of experience helping clients recover the damages they sustained in car accidents. We’re ready to apply this experience to your recovery efforts.

Benefits of Legal Counsel After a Car Accident in Shallotte, NC

The right attorney can make your recovery efforts after a car accident easier to face and more likely to succeed. You have a limited time to take legal action against the driver responsible for your accident. In addition, your recovery may demand an auto insurance claim followed by a subsequent personal injury action against the other driver. Whatever your case involves, you are best equipped to meet these challenges with the help of an experienced attorney.

Success with an auto insurance claim after a car accident in the Shallotte, NC, area requires careful attention to detail and meeting strict deadlines. Any delays or controversies with your claim will increase the time you must wait to fully recover your losses. A good attorney can handle these concerns on your behalf until you reach an acceptable conclusion to your recovery efforts.

The attorneys at Christina Rivenbark & Associates have helped many Shallotte, NC, area clients recover from accidents caused by others. We know the challenges you will likely face in filing your auto insurance claim, and our firm knows the tactics local insurance carriers use to avoid paying out on claims. We can also guide clients through their personal injury cases when insurance alone cannot resolve their damages. You will most likely maximize your recovery after an accident with an experienced Shallotte car accident attorney handling your recovery efforts.

Common Causes of Car Accident Claims

Car accidents happen for a wide range of reasons every day. However, the determining factor as to whether you have grounds for legal action is if your accident happened directly because of another driver’s negligence or intentional misconduct. Some of the most commonly reported causes of car accidents in North Carolina that generate complex civil claims for damages include:

  • Distracted driving, the leading cause of all vehicle accidents in the United States.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI). These are serious offenses that can lead to fines, jail time, and loss of driving privileges.
  • Speeding and reckless driving. Drivers are not only more likely to cause accidents when they speed, but accidents that occur at higher speeds tend to cause the worst injuries and have the highest fatality risk.
  • Aggressive driving and “road rage.” Drivers should not respond in kind when others nearby display aggression or hostility. Instead, do your best to avoid such drivers and maintain a defensive posture behind the wheel.
  • Moving violations, such as running a red light or failing to navigate an intersection correctly.
  • Mechanical defects and defective parts. When accidents happen for these reasons, manufacturers could face product liability suits from injured victims.

More than one factor can contribute to a car accident, and it is also possible for an accident to involve multiple drivers and multiple liable parties. Therefore, navigating the legal aftermath of your car accident will be much easier if you have legal representation you can trust.

To succeed with an auto insurance claim, you must correctly identify the at-fault driver, obtain their insurance policy details, and file a claim to their insurance company with all necessary supporting evidence and documentation. Every insurance company has a professional duty to process claims in good faith. Having an attorney draft your demand letter on your behalf will ensure the insurance company handles your claim appropriately and delivers a fair settlement offer.

Damages and Compensation in a Personal Injury Case

Once your attorney has helped you exhaust your recovery options through insurance, you can proceed with a personal injury claim against the at-fault driver to recover damages that insurance typically doesn’t cover. For example, you can recover some of your vehicle repair costs and medical expenses through an insurance claim. However, if you suffered a severe injury that will pose long-term complications and require ongoing treatment, you will likely need to prepare a civil suit to fully recover your losses.

North Carolina law enables the plaintiff in a personal injury case to seek full repayment of all economic damages they suffered because of a defendant’s actions. Additionally, they can seek fair compensation for their pain and suffering. North Carolina does not cap or limit the pain and suffering compensation for plaintiffs in car accident claims.

When it comes to your economic damages, a good attorney will help secure compensation for medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, and other financial losses that insurance can’t cover. Pain and suffering damage is more challenging to calculate, and attorneys can use various formulas to determine acceptable pain and suffering compensation for their clients. Plaintiffs suffering permanent harm from their accidents often qualify for substantial compensation for pain and suffering.

What to Expect From a Shallotte Car Accident Attorney

A good attorney can make filing your auto insurance claim much easier after an accident and maximize the settlement you receive. In addition, they can help you file your personal injury claim to hold the defendant fully accountable if you have outstanding losses. The attorneys at Christina Rivenbark & Associates take a client-focused approach to personal injury representation, learning as much as possible about every client we represent. This ensures we can fully address each client’s unique needs and concerns as their case unfolds.

Our team can assist with every aspect of your recovery until you have secured maximum compensation for your damages. If any disputes arise regarding your auto insurance claim, we can resolve them and negotiate with insurers on your behalf. When you must proceed with a personal injury suit, we can guide you to a favorable settlement or represent you in litigation if necessary. Ultimately, we aim to help you recover as fully as possible from the damages you suffered by holding the at-fault driver accountable for their actions.

Shallotte, NC Car Accident Lawyer FAQs

How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth in North Carolina?

The potential value of a car accident claim hinges on the full scope of the damages the victim sustained. Your attorney can help you calculate economic damages like immediate and future medical expenses, property losses, and lost income. When it comes to pain and suffering, your attorney will help you determine an appropriate figure based on the severity of your condition. The best way to maximize the compensation you obtain from a car accident claim is to hire an experienced attorney to represent you in your recovery efforts.

How Long Will It Take to Obtain an Insurance Settlement Check?

If fault for your recent accident seems clear and you have all the evidence you need to hold an at-fault driver accountable, it may only take a few days to a few weeks to receive your settlement check from their insurance carrier. However, if the defendant disputes responsibility for the accident or any issues arise between you and their insurer regarding your claim, it may take much longer to resolve.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Shallotte Car Accident Attorney?

Most personal injury attorneys in North Carolina use a contingency fee system, ensuring representation is accessible to those who need it most while ensuring steady business for the attorney. With a contingency fee, the client pays no upfront legal fees and only pays their legal fee once the attorney wins their case. Verify an attorney’s billing policy before signing a contract for their representation.

Do I Need to Hire an Attorney to Recover From a Car Accident?

It is technically possible to handle your own recovery efforts after a car accident in the Shallotte, NC, area. However, doing so is incredibly difficult for anyone who does not have formal legal experience. Meeting court filing deadlines and other procedural requirements would also be difficult while recovering from painful injuries. Hiring an attorney makes handling your case easier and significantly improves your chances of success.

Talk to a Personal Injury Attorney for a Car Accident Consultation Today

The attorneys at Christina Rivenbark & Associates have extensive professional experience handling difficult car accident claims on behalf of clients throughout the Shallotte, NC, area. We know the challenges you face as you seek recovery from your losses, and our team can provide the ongoing support you need to manage every phase of your case. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with an experienced Shallotte car accident attorney who can guide you through your recovery efforts after an accident someone else has caused.


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