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Defending Your Rights In Traffic Violation Cases

Many people assume that nothing can be done about a traffic ticket — or that hiring a lawyer is too expensive to be worth it. Many discover later that consequences for their driver’s license and auto insurance premiums are far more costly than they imagined.

Hiring an attorney to handle your traffic charge can be an excellent investment that saves you money, time and stress. We operate a friendly law firm where you will be taken seriously and offered honest, useful information. Anyone trying to decide how to deal with a traffic charge in southeastern North Carolina can benefit from a free consultation.

Strong Criminal And Traffic Defense, From DWI or DWLR to Texting or Speeding

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, we work hard to get charges dismissed, negotiate reduced fines and protect or restore our clients’ all-important driving privileges. Our decades of extensive experience in area courts and with the DMV enables us to effectively handle matters including:

Emphasizing Value, Results And Efficiency For Local And Out-Of-State Clients

We are a modern, technologically strong law firm with clear local strength. Our Wilmington traffic violation defense attorneys frequently help people deal with traffic violations as efficiently as possible — often eliminating any need for our clients to appear in court.

This also makes our services especially valuable for tourists, military personnel and others who need to deal with traffic violations in New Hanover County, Sampson County, Bladen County, Columbus County, Pender County, Brunswick County, Onslow County and all of Southeastern North Carolina.

You can turn to our lawyers for sound advice about a traffic violation. We understand factors including a critical need to save your standard or commercial driver’s license (CDL). Our attorneys can also help you gauge what could happen to your auto insurance premiums as we strive to help you make the best financial decision possible.

Contact us today by completing this easy, online form or call 910-338-9813.

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