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Truck “Accidents” Aren’t Usually Accidental

Accidents involving large interstate trucks rarely happen accidentally. In most cases, they happen because a truck driver did not do something he or she was supposed to do.

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, our attorneys hold negligent truck drivers and their employers accountable. We represent truck accident victims in Wilmington and other communities in North Carolina. For a free consultation, call 910-338-9813.

Examples Of Negligence In Truck Accident Cases

Truck operators and their employers have a duty to follow a number of state and local regulations that are designed to protect people in passenger vehicles from devastating accidents. For example, truck drivers must:

  • Comply with hours-of-service laws to prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue
  • Ensure the truck is not overweight (heavy trucks are harder to maneuver and more difficult to stop than trucks carrying a legal load)
  • Perform walkaround inspections to ensure cargo is properly secured (loose items can fall off the trailer and injure other drivers)
  • Inspect safety equipment such as tires, brakes and lights
  • Obey local traffic laws
  • Stop driving if weather conditions make it unsafe to be on the road

At Christina Rivenbark & Associates, we use truck accident investigators to help determine the true cause of a truck accident. Don’t rely only on what insurers or trucking companies say cause the accident — an independent investigation is necessary to determine who truly was at fault.

Contact A Wilmington Truck Accident Claims Lawyer

If you or a loved one is injured because a truck driver failed to do what he or she was supposed to do, you are entitled to compensation for damages such a medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Our attorneys have decades of experience helping the victims of negligent truck drivers. For a free initial consultation with a Wilmington trucking company negligence lawyer, contact us online or call 910-338-9813.

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