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Making A Difference For Injured Workers In North Carolina

If you have been hurt while performing your job, you probably have a valid workers’ compensation insurance claim — and it may be important to take other legal action as well. We know this can be intimidating when you must also focus on dealing with your pain, medical care and uncertainty about your income.

Helping workplace injury victims is a major focus at our law firm. Our principal attorney Christina Rivenbark & Associates has made winning maximum compensation for construction workers, factory workers and other hardworking people a priority for more than 30 years. For personal attention to your needs, please call or email us now. We will evaluate your case for free, charging no attorney fees unless you receive benefits.

Our experienced workers’ compensation attorneys can help you answer frequently asked comp questions like:

  • Are my wage benefits calculated correctly?

  • What’s the time frame for reporting my injury to the employer and the Industrial Commission (IC)?

  • How do I report a claim to my employer?

  • What benefits am I entitled to in an accepted claim (medical, wages, etc.)?

  • Am I eligible for total temporary disability (TTD) payments?

Personal Attention From An Experienced Lawyer For Workers

Whatever your employer or a human resources representative may tell you, having our experienced attorney on your side can make a real difference when you have a workers’ compensation claim. The reasons include:

  • Although you are not suing anyone when you file a work comp claim, you could encounter a claim denial, insistence that you return to work too soon, or problems with denied or delayed benefits.
  • Whether your skills are in construction, manufacturing, transportation or some other area other than office work, you can trust our legal team to explain the process clearly and handle forms, any hearings, and required interactions with your doctors.
  • We may be able to help you get benefits even if you have been getting paid in cash or as a “1099” worker rather than as a full-fledged, full-time employee.
  • Should your claim be denied or disputed, attorney Rivenbark will take action quickly and decisively, with your best interests always in view.

You Can Trust Us To Protect Your Rights And Consider All Legal Options

We will hear you out on all you remember about your accident and back injury, neck injury or other disabling condition. We will investigate, if necessary, to uncover all possible sources of financial support. If someone other than your employer — a subcontractor or equipment manufacturer, for example — is legally liable for your injury, a “third-party” personal injury lawsuit may have substantially greater value than your work comp claim.

Contact us today to schedule a free, personal consultation with an experienced Wilmington workers’ compensation lawyer. Call us at 910-338-9813 or send us an email online.

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