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Every day, drivers in the Hampstead area and throughout North Carolina receive tickets for exceeding posted speed limits. North Carolina enforces an “absolute” speed limit law, meaning that if a driver exceeds the posted speed limit by just 1 mph, they are guilty of a traffic violation. Unfortunately, many drivers mistakenly assume they can simplypay the fine for a speeding ticket and be done with the issue, but this isn’t the case. As a result, a speeding ticket can have more severe consequences than many drivers expect.

Defense Representation for Hampstead, NC, Speeding Ticket Cases

A Hampstead speeding ticket attorney can help their client fight a speeding ticket, potentially avoiding the harsh penalties that would come with paying the fine and admitting guilt. Remember, paying the fine listed on your speeding ticket does not make the situation go away; it creates a formal, legal record of you admitting fault for the ticket, which means you accept all the penalties that come with this admission. In addition, you may have more defenses available than you initially expect, so it’s vital to consult an experienced Hampstead speeding ticket attorney in this situation.

Penalties Possible for Hampstead, NC, Speeding Tickets

Christina Rivenbark & Associates assists clients in Hampstead, NC, and surrounding areas with a wide range of criminal cases, from serious offenses to minor crimes like traffic violations. We believe in helping every client exercise the full range of their legal options when charged with criminal offenses. However, when it comes to traffic violations like speeding, it’s almost always worth fighting against these tickets to avoid the various penalties conviction entails.

In North Carolina, a speeding ticket always leads to a fine that can range from $100 to $1,000, depending on the severity of the offense. Jail time for up to 60 days is possible for severe speeding offenses. It is also possible for the driver to face prosecution for additional offenses, such as driving while intoxicated (DWI) or reckless driving. Beyond the penalties assigned by the criminal court, the defendant also faces various other challenges after absorbing fault for a speeding ticket. For example, their auto insurance coverage could become more expensive, and they may receive up to three demerit points on their driver’s license. If a driver accumulates too many demerit points within a short time, they face suspension of their driver’s license and compulsory attendance in remedial driver school.

Defending Against a Speeding Ticket in Hampstead, NC

Many assume there is no way to fight a speeding ticket, but this is not true. Police officers throughout North Carolina conduct traffic stops for speeding using various methods. Some use manually operated speed tracking cameras; others use road markers and other calculation methods to determine a driver’s speed. It’s possible to challenge a speeding ticket because the police officer did not accurately calculate the defendant’s speed. A good attorney could help their client prove this with their vehicle’s computer records for the time of the stop. It’s also possible to challenge whether the police officer had probable cause to conduct the traffic stop in the first place.

Some defendants issued speeding tickets will need to confront the officers who issued their tickets in court. This can be incredibly daunting for anyone, but reliable legal counsel can help them confidently approach these proceedings. If the officer does not appear at the hearing, the judge may rule in the defendant’s favor if they see clear and compelling evidence that the speeding ticket was not justly or accurately issued. Ultimately, any defendant may have more options for fighting traffic violation charges than they initially expect. An experienced Hampstead speeding ticket attorney can help their client determine the best defenses available to them.

FAQs About Hampstead, NC Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Are Traffic Court Appearances Mandatory for Speeding Tickets in North Carolina?

If you are issued a traffic ticket in North Carolina, it will include details for a court appearance. Minor offenses may not be subject to mandatory hearings; however, it is vital that drivers issued speeding tickets know how to schedule hearings so they can fight their tickets. If they simply pay the fine to avoid a court case, they admit fault and must accept the resulting penalties, even those they did not expect to face.

I Live Outside of North Carolina and Was Ticketed While Visiting Hampstead. Will the Ticket Affect My Home State Driver’s License or Auto Insurance?

If you are visiting North Carolina for work or pleasure and receive a speeding ticket, you must resolve the ticket under North Carolina law, but the penalties could likely follow you home. Many people who pay fines for speeding face increased auto insurance premiums, and the points they would receive on their driver’s license will also be reflected on their home state driver’s license. If you have questions about a speeding ticket and live outside North Carolina, you need to consult a Hampstead speeding ticket lawyer about your case.

What Is a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC)?

North Carolina recognizes PJCs in some cases. When a defendant submits a PJC, they plead guilty to the offense but ask the court to spare them the associated penalties. PJCs are possible in response to minor traffic violations and speeding tickets, but a PJC is only approved on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the judge overseeing the case. Judges will most likely approve PJCs when defendants have clean driving records and face their first speeding offense.

Is It Worth Hiring a Hampstead Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

If you are cited for speeding in Hampstead, NC, the total cost of the penalties you face can easily exceed the cost of hiring a Hampstead speeding ticket attorney to defend you. The sooner you connect with an experienced lawyer, the sooner they can determine your best defenses and start building your case.

Christina Rivenbark & Associates understands the stress and frustration that often follow speeding tickets in North Carolina, and the state issues many strict penalties for these offenses. However, if you need defense counsel to fight a speeding ticket, we can help. Contact us today to schedule your consultation with a Hampstead speeding ticket attorney.


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