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Every day, residents of the Burgaw area and the surrounding areas of North Carolina experience many car accidents. Some of these incidents cause only minor cosmetic damage to the vehicles involved, and the vehicles’ owners may be able to work out resolutions to minor fender-benders relatively easily. However, other accidents are far more damaging, and victims are often left wondering what they can do to secure compensation for their losses. Fault may not be immediately clear, but North Carolina law requires establishing fault for resolving vehicle accidents.

Representing Victims of Car Accidents in Burgaw, NC

If you or someone you love recently suffered injuries in a car crash caused by someone else, a Burgaw car accident attorney is the best asset you can have for holding them accountable. Insurance is typically the first option for recovery after a vehicle accident, but dealing with insurance company representatives is rarely straightforward. Working with a reliable Burgaw car accident lawyer will significantly improve the quality of your experience with the claim process, but even a successful auto insurance claim may not fully cover your damages.

Christina Rivenbark & Associates is an experienced team of Burgaw car accident attorneys capable of providing the legal counsel you need to recover from your recent accident. We have successfully guided many past clients in Burgaw through their auto insurance claims, helping them secure compensation as quickly as possible for damages caused by negligent drivers. In addition, when insurance cannot fully compensate our client, or when an at-fault driver does not have insurance, we can assist them with filing a personal injury claim, potentially recovering compensation for losses that insurance won’t cover.

Benefits of Legal Counsel After a Car Accident in Burgaw, NC

Navigating the aftermath of any car accident can be very difficult on your own, especially if you suffered any serious injuries in the event. While it is not technically required that you hire legal representation, doing so will make managing the effects of your accident much easier and significantly improve your chances of securing a favorable outcome for your recovery effort.

An experienced Burgaw car accident attorney can provide invaluable guidance in the immediate aftermath of your accident, helping you gather any important evidence and/or documentation you will need to support your case. For example, when liability is unclear, your attorney could potentially secure traffic camera recordings, cell phone records, and witness statements that help you prove exactly how your accident occurred. If necessary, an attorney may consult expert witnesses to support their client, such as an accident reconstruction expert who can explain the physics behind a recent crash, proving exactly how it occurred.

Whatever your unique case may entail, Christina Rivenbark & Associates provides compassionate and flexible legal representation to clients facing all types of car accident claims. We can help you determine who is responsible for your injuries and economic losses, help you file your claim for auto insurance coverage, if possible, and then help you build a personal injury claim that seeks maximum compensation for your losses. Ultimately, legal counsel you can trust improves your chances of recovering as fully as possible from your recent car accident in Burgaw.

Common Causes of Car Accidents in North Carolina

Car accidents can happen in various ways. The determining factor that dictates whether you have grounds for legal action against another driver is if that other driver directly caused your accident. North Carolina requires proving fault for an accident to resolve any resulting damages. This means whoever is responsible for causing a crash absorbs liability for property damage, medical expenses, and other losses incurred by the victim. Auto insurance may cover some car accident damages, but a serious accident is very likely to eclipse available insurance coverage due to the scope of the damages it could entail.

Some of the most commonly reported causes of car accidents in the Burgaw area that lead to personal injury cases include:

  • Distracted driving, which causes most of the motor vehicle accidents in the United States each year.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs, which is illegal and likely to lead to criminal prosecution of the at-fault driver. They will also face liability for damages they cause to others from driving while intoxicated.
  • Speeding, which diminishes the time a driver has to react to changes in road conditions. Accidents at high speeds are likely to cause catastrophic or fatal injuries.
  • Intentional misconduct, such as aggressive or reckless driving, tailgating, or committing willful moving violations that disrupt the flow of traffic.

If you believe one or more other drivers bear fault for your accident, an experienced Burgaw car accident lawyer can help you secure the evidence you need to prove fault. This will be crucial for an insurance claim. In addition, if you must pursue further recovery with a personal injury claim, success with your case will hinge on your ability to prove the other driver’s intentional misconduct or negligence directly caused the collision and your damages.

Compensation Available in a Personal Injury Claim

A successful auto insurance claim against an at-fault driver in North Carolina can typically yield some compensation for medical expenses and vehicle repair costs. However, if your damages exceed the coverage available through the at-fault driver’s policy, you will need to file a personal injury claim against them to recover your remaining losses. North Carolina law allows the plaintiff of a personal injury claim to seek full recovery from their economic damages. These are likely to include medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, and lost income from any time the plaintiff was forced to miss work because of their accident.

Plaintiffs can also recover compensation for long-term damages, such as payment for any ongoing medical treatment they will require and compensation for their lost future earning potential if they develop a permanent disability from the crash. North Carolina law also allows the plaintiff to seek compensation for their pain and suffering. There is no limit to the amount the plaintiff may claim for a car accident, and a Burgaw car accident attorney can provide helpful guidance when it comes to determining a suitable amount of pain and suffering to seek with your claim.

Due to the state’s contributory negligence law, it is vital to remember that determining fault is crucial for any civil claim, especially in North Carolina. Under this statute, any plaintiff who bears partial fault for their claimed damages loses the right to seek compensation. It’s relatively common for defendants in North Carolina personal injury cases to assert contributory negligence in the effort to diminish their liability for damages. If you have concerns about potentially bearing partial fault for your recent accident,you must consult a Burgaw car accident attorney as soon as possible.

FAQs About Burgaw, NC Car Accident Law

What Should I Do Immediately After a Car Accident?

If you are injured in an accident, you should call 911 for help if no one else has already done so and address any medical needs first. If you only suffered minor injuries, remember to report the accident to the police and try to document as much as possible from the accident scene. Pictures of your injuries, the positions of the vehicles on the road, and the damage to your vehicle can help with a later insurance claim and/or personal injury suit. Once the police let you leave and you have addressed your immediate medical concerns, contact a Burgaw car accident attorney as soon as possible.

Will I Need to Go to Court If I File a Personal Injury Claim?

If liability for your recent accident is clear and the defendant acknowledges their liability, swift settlement typically behooves both parties, and you could secure a settlement offer relatively quickly. However, if a defendant disputes liability, asserts contributory negligence, or if any other complex questions of liability arise, the case may need to be resolved through litigation.

How Much Is My Car Accident Claim Worth?

Many people with grounds to file personal injury claims in addition to their auto insurance claims in North Carolina are surprised to discover that they can claim more compensation than they initially expected. To ascertain the exact value of your car accident claim, it’s vital to consult a Burgaw car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Once they review the details of your accident and the resulting damages, they can estimate your case’s total potential value.

Is It Worth Hiring a Burgaw Car Accident Personal Injury Attorney?

Legal representation from an experienced and responsive attorney can make a tremendous difference in the quality of your final recovery from car accident damages. Your legal team can help you navigate the auto insurance claim process, resolve any controversies that may arise with insurers, and help you pursue further legal recourse if necessary for your recovery. Even when accounting for the cost of attorneys’ fees, hiring legal representation adds substantial strength to your recovery efforts.

Get a Car Accident Consultation Today with Christina Rivenbark & Associates

Christina Rivenbark & Associates understands the stress and uncertainty that can follow any serious accident. Knowing another driver is responsible for the crash that injured you can make the situation frustrating and even more difficult to bear.However, we want to help you confidently approach the recovery process and maximize your recovery. Our team can provide the responsive legal counsel you need in this challenging situation. Discuss your legal options with a Burgaw car accident attorney; contact us today and schedule a case evaluation with our team.


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