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Burgaw Commercial Vehicle Accident Attorney

Commercial vehicle accidents are complex and often require navigating multiple state and federal regulations. A Burgaw commercial vehicle accident lawyer can help you litigate for the most favorable outcome, which can include monetary damages and recouped medical payments.

The legal team at Christina Rivenbark & Associates is experienced in handling complex commercial vehicle accidents that result from a collision with a truck, tractor-trailer, or other business vehicle driver. Don’t make the mistake of cooperating with the commercial driver’s legal representatives, as they are likely looking out for their employer’s interests and not yours.

Burgaw Commercial Vehicle Accident Lawyer

Which Situations Require a Commercial Vehicle Lawyer?

Any accident involving a commercial vehicle could require the legal services of a Burgaw commercial vehicle accident lawyer. Our team can help you recoup damages to your vehicle or reimbursements for your medical bills. In some cases, a commercial vehicle driver found at fault could be liable for punitive damages related to the car crash.

Commercial vehicles like tractor-trailers and trucks are often larger than other vehicles on the roads and can cause serious damage to passenger vehicles. In many cases, those collisions could result in bodily injury leading to:

Commercial vehicle companies may fight your insurance company, which can lead to delays in the reimbursements you need. This is where an experienced commercial vehicle accident lawyer in Burgaw, North Carolina can help. Our law firm has helped many clients successfully fight for monetary damages following a car accident involving a commercial vehicle.

What Can an Attorney Do For Me?

Civil litigation, especially when filing suits against large commercial vehicle companies, is very complicated and requires the counsel of an experienced law firm. Once you have hired our legal team to protect your rights while seeking just compensation for your injuries, you can enjoy the following benefits.

Investigations Handled In-House

One important benefit includes our firm’s ability to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. A comprehensive case will require much more information than what can be found in the accident report.

Our attorneys will examine police reports and the driving records of the driver responsible for the accident. Safety inspection records are another component of your case that we will thoroughly investigate because any lapse on the part of the commercial vehicle company could bolster your case. Commercial vehicles are required to maintain black box recording devices that can add further evidence to support your case.

Access to Expert Witnesses

If your case goes to trial, our law firm has a list of respected specialists whose testimony can help establish who caused the accident in your case. Expert witnesses are highly trusted to provide objective information during commercial vehicle accident trials.

Case Value Assessment

Early on in your case, one of our attorneys will assess the value of your claim for damages. Many factors, such as the circumstances surrounding your case and the companies involved, will determine this number. Having a good idea of how much your case could potentially settle for can help you plan for the future.

Legal Protection from Allegations

Even if you did not cause the accident, there is no guarantee that the commercial vehicle company will accept blame for the collision. The legal team at Christina Rivenbark & Associates will fiercely defend you against all allegations. As your case moves forward, you can count on us to negotiate a fair and just settlement on your behalf.

Settlement vs Trial. Which Option Is Right for Me?

There are many benefits to accepting a settlement offer. Saving time is one advantage. Accepting a lump sum payment allows clients to return to their normal lives and pay off any debts incurred as a result of an auto accident.

In certain cases, though, there can be advantages to waiting for a larger settlement offer or going to trial. A very strong case that has ample evidence of negligence on the part of the commercial vehicle company, for example, could serve as grounds for a trial by jury.

FAQs About Burgaw, NC Commercial Vehicle Accident Laws

How Is Fault Determined in a Car Accident in North Carolina?

Fault may be determined through a mutually agreed upon settlement between both parties or by a judge or jury. Determining who is at fault for a collision requires a review of evidence from the crash. An attorney or investigator uses that evidence to piece together what happened during the automobile accident and who may have been the negligent party.

What Is the Statute of Limitations on a Car Accident in North Carolina?

The statute of limitations for a civil lawsuit in North Carolina is generally three years from the date of the accident. This period allows time for most injuries to show, since some symptoms, such as whiplash, may not manifest immediately after the collision. If you are unsure about filing a lawsuit, your first step should be to schedule a consultation with an experienced commercial vehicle accident lawyer.

What Are the Collision Laws in North Carolina?

Anyone found to be driving in an unsafe manner could be subject to reckless driving charges. If neither party is found to have committed a driving violation, the party at fault for a collision is still subject to civil remedies that could include a lawsuit. Those legal remedies can be resolved through settlement or trial.

What Is the Penalty for a Hit and Run in North Carolina?

A driver who hits a person, vehicle, or property and fails to stop and notify a police officer could be found guilty of committing a hit-and-run in North Carolina. This offense is classified as a Class 2 misdemeanor or a possible Class H felony if someone is seriously hurt or killed during the collision.

Schedule Your Commercial Accident Consultation Today

Being involved in a commercial vehicle accident can be traumatizing. Large tractor-trailers can cause immense damage to any passenger vehicle they hit. Commercial vehicles can also cause significant bodily damage to drivers and passengers.

With so much at stake following a collision with a commercial vehicle, it is critical to hire an experienced legal team as quickly as possible. Having Christina Rivenbark & Associates handle your claim can improve the chances that you receive prompt compensation following any collision with a commercial vehicle. Contact our Burgaw office today to schedule your consultation.


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