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The Social Security Administration (SSA) is the federal agency responsible for handling the country’s disability benefits program and the Social Security retirement program. Therefore, if you or a loved one suffered an injury or developed a medical condition that prevents you from working, it is crucial to have experienced legal representation to recover the benefits you are legally entitled to claim.

Southport Social Security Disability Lawyer

Helping Southport, NC, Clients With Social Security Disability Claims

Unfortunately, the Social Security Disability claim process is more challenging than most claimants initially expected it to be. Every year, the SSA denies most of the claims received for disability benefits, citing everything from clerical errors in their claim forms and missing documentation to questioning their eligibility and the residual functional capacity they retain after their injuries. If you believe you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits, an experienced attorney is the best asset to have on your side to streamline the claim process and increase the total benefits you obtain from the SSA.

The attorneys at Christina Rivenbark & Associates have extensive professional experience with Social Security Disability claims. Our team has assisted many clients in Southport, NC through the claim process, resolved all manner of disputes regarding denied claims, and we have also guided many clients through the appeals process to secure the disability benefits they legally deserve. As a result, we can leverage this experience on your behalf and help you navigate the claim process more efficiently than you could manage alone.

How Does Social Security Disability Work?

Everyone working in the United States pays into the Social Security system through their income taxes. Over time, everyone who pays into Social Security accumulates work credits that can later determine how much they can obtain in benefits if they become disabled. Alternatively, if they never claim Social Security Disability benefits, they will eventually qualify to receive retirement benefits once they reach retirement age.

If you are injured and left unable to work at all, you may qualify for Social Security Disability. The SSA maintains an extensive list of qualifying conditions, and an experienced attorney can help you determine whether your diagnosis meets the eligibility requirements for disability benefits. It’s important to remember that you must not only prove that you have an eligible condition but also that the condition has diminished your earning capacity significantly enough that you cannot work at all. An SSA investigator must evaluate whether a claimant possesses any residual functional capacity that would allow for gainful activity. If they do not, they are unlikely to qualify for Social Security Disability.

Filing a claim to the SSA for disability benefits can be very challenging, and many claimants are met with denials. When you have a Southport Social Security Disability attorney representing you, they can assist you in reducing the chances of your claim being denied. Alternatively, if your claim has already been denied, your attorney can assist you in refiling the claim with any missing information attached and any errors corrected, or they can represent you in the appeal process to have the SSA formally reconsider your application.

The attorneys at Christina Rivenbark & Associates have helped many clients file their initial claims for disability benefits, refile claims that were missing documentation or other supporting information, and helped them through the appeal process. We take time to learn each client’s unique story and provide ongoing guidance through all phases of their claim. Our goal is to minimize the chance of your claim being denied, but if it is, we are ready to help you resolve the matter in the most efficient way we possibly can.

FAQs About Southport, NC Social Security Disability Law

What Is the Average Social Security Disability Payment in North Carolina?

In 2021, the average monthly disability payment from Social Security to state beneficiaries was about $1,280. However, it is important to remember that the amount of benefits you can expect if you are approved is contingent upon your work history and the total amount of credits you earned during your working years. Additionally, if you receive workers’ compensation or similar benefits, these will reduce how much you receive in Social Security Disability.

How Long Does It Take to Get Approved for Social Security Disability?

It is very difficult for anyone to accurately predict the timetable for their Social Security Disability claim. The SSA denies the vast majority of all the disability benefits applications the agency receives each year, primarily for clerical errors and missing documentation. As a result, many people wait three to five months before receiving their first benefits payments but having an experienced Southport Social Security Disability attorney representing you can streamline your receipt of benefits by a significant margin.

How Much Will I Receive in Back Pay From Social Security?

If you file for disability benefits and are initially denied, you will need to appeal the decision. Many people who file for Social Security Disability benefits endure several rounds of rejections and appeals before being approved. If you are eventually approved and paid Social Security Disability benefits, you can typically expect your first check to include all the benefits you legally should have received from the time you became disabled through the time your claim was finally approved.

Is It Worth Hiring a Southport Social Security Disability Attorney?

It’s understandable to be hesitant about the potential cost of hiring a Southport Social Security Disability attorney, but the investment will be well worth it when you consider the benefits of having legal counsel for the claim process. Your attorney can potentially reduce the time it takes you to receive your benefits, and if you are denied unfairly, you will need experienced legal representation to resolve the matter. The attorneys at Christina Rivenbark & Associates use contingency fee billing, only taking a portion of our client’s settlement as our fee, but only if we win their case.

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The attorneys at Christina Rivenbark & Associates have years of professional experience helping clients in Southport and surrounding communities of North Carolina with their Social Security Disability claims. We take time to help each client understand their legal rights, and our goal is to guide them through their claim proceedings as efficiently as possible. If you are ready to see how a Southport Social Security Disability attorney can help your situation, contact us today and schedule a consultation with our team.


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