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Speeding is inherently dangerous for the driver and everyone around them, reducing the time and distance they have to slow down or stop to adjust to changes in traffic conditions. North Carolina police, including those in the Topsail Island area, are very strict with enforcing speed limits, issuing to drivers who are caught driving faster than the posted speed limit.

Topsail Island Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Representing Clients Fighting Speeding Tickets in Topsail Island

If you recently received a speeding ticket in Topsail Island, do not assume that you can simply pay the ticket and forget about the situation. The ticket issued to you by the police officer will include instructions for paying the associated fine and for challenging your ticket. If you pay the fine, this is the same as admitting guilt for the offense, and you could face worse penalties than just the fine itself. If you decide to contest your ticket, you will have a court date set in traffic court where you will confront the officer who issued your ticket before a judge.

Christina Rivenbark & Associates can provide the comprehensive legal representation you need in this situation. We have assisted many past clients in Topsail Island traffic court and can potentially help you have your speeding ticket dismissed. It is always worth the time and effort to challenge a speeding ticket when you could face substantial penalties by admitting fault, and we can help in Topsail Island area.

Potential Penalties for a Speeding Ticket

When you pay the fine for a speeding ticket, this amounts to admitting guilt for the speeding offense in question. North Carolina uses a point system to track misconduct behind the wheel for every driver. Different traffic offenses carry different point penalties, and if a driver accumulates 12 or more points in a three-year period, they face suspension of their driver’s license. The amount of points a driver receives for a traffic offense hinges on the severity of their offense, and accumulated points drop off of their record after three years.

Depending on the number of points you already have on your driver’s license, the points you accumulate after admitting fault for speeding could be enough to push you past the 12-point threshold, and you could lose your license. Additionally, your auto insurance premiums may increase based on your driving record, so your auto insurance may suddenly become much more expensive.

How Your Topsail Island Speeding Ticket Attorney Can Help

The right attorney is a tremendous asset when you intend to fight a speeding ticket. Your legal team will carefully examine the details of your speeding offense and help you determine the best possible defenses. For example, it’s possible that the officer who issued your ticket did not use an appropriate method to gauge your speed, or they may have made other mistakes in their handling of your case. Your attorney will focus on any such issues to help you form an effective defense in traffic court.

When your court date arrives, the police officer who issued your ticket may not appear at all. You should not assume this will happen in your case, nor should you assume that if they do not appear that you will automatically win your case. Your Topsail Island speeding ticket attorney will assess the details of your situation and help you determine the best strategy for having your ticket dismissed.

Christina Rivenbark & Associates will carefully review the details of your speeding ticket, assess your driving record to determine whether the ticket could cause problems beyond the initial fine, and help you prepare for your traffic court appearance. It is always worth fighting the penalties associated with a speeding ticket, and your attorney may uncover defense options on your behalf that you did not know were available to you.

FAQs About Topsail Island, NC Speeding Ticket law

Is It Worth Fighting a Speeding Ticket?

A speeding ticket can carry more penalties than the initial fine, and it’s vital to understand the value of legal counsel you can trust if you intend to fight your speeding ticket in traffic court. If you pay the fine, it amounts to admitting guilt, and if you contest your ticket in traffic court, you could potentially avoid demerit points on your driver’s license and expensive increases to your auto insurance premiums.

Can I Have My Speeding Ticket Dismissed in North Carolina?

It is possible to have your speeding ticket dismissed if the police officer who issued the ticket cannot prove they used an appropriate method to measure your speed. However, the best strategies available to you will differ based on the specific details of the case, and it’s essential to have an experienced Topsail Island speeding ticket attorney represent you if you want the best chance of having your ticket dismissed.

What Happens if I Lose My Case in Traffic Court?

In the event that you are unable to have your speeding ticket dismissed, you will face the associated penalties with the ticket, such as the fine, demerit points on your license, and a potential increase to your auto insurance premiums. Additionally, you will still need to pay court costs and legal fees. Therefore, the best way to increase your chances of success in traffic court is to hire a Topsail Island speeding ticket attorney as soon as possible after your ticket is issued.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Topsail Island, NC Speeding Ticket Attorney?

Most traffic court attorneys charge clients by the hour. The longer the attorney spends working on their client’s case, the more the client pays in legal fees. Most traffic court cases do not involve very extensive proceedings, and your case may only require one or two courtroom sessions. However, the time and work your attorney puts into your case will exceed the time you actually spend in traffic court. Always verify the details of a prospective attorney’s billing policy before agreeing to their representation.

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Christina Rivenbark & Associates can assist you in fighting a speeding ticket in Topsail Island. Whatever the details of your situation may include, our firm has the resources and experience to handle the most challenging cases. Contact us today and schedule your consultation with a Topsail Island speeding ticket attorney you can trust to guide you through your traffic court proceedings.


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