Did you suffer from a TBI after a crash?

Car crashes can have profound physical impacts on the sufferers. Victims commonly experience injuries to the neck, back and head, too, which come along with a high rate of severe cases. Of the worst head injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are often among the most common.

It is important to quickly identify TBIs in order to seek swift medical attention. So how do you recognize these injuries?

Emotional and mental red flags

Mayo Clinic discusses the potential impacts that severe brain injury can have. TBIs in particular have emotional, behavioral, mental and physical effects, making it easier for a trained eye to spot at times.

Emotionally and behaviorally, victims will often display unusual or intense emotions. They may lash out in anger at loved ones or seem overwhelmed by the smallest of things. They could burst into tears for seemingly no reason. They might experience rapid mood shifts or a deadening of emotion.

Mentally, it is common for these victims to experience memory loss. They may also experience a state of confusion or disorientation that can contribute to their emotional distress. For example, many may not recognize where they are or how they got into the crash. Extensive memory loss also occurs at times, resulting in the victim forgetting even more.

Potential physical tells

Physically, the most common signs include unevenly dilated pupils, and blood or clear fluid dripping from the ears or nose. TBI victims may also struggle with balance, dexterity and overall mobility, seeming clumsy and struggling to walk or even stand.

It is crucial for these victims to have a medical professional look them over as soon as possible. This helps lower the chance of permanent damage happening.

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