What should I do after a hit-and-run?

Hit-and-run accidents are similar to other accidents. However, there are some important differences you must keep in mind when dealing with them. Namely, it can be more difficult to go through the typical post-accident checklist if the other party involved in the accident has driven away.

However, it is possible to deal competently with a hit-and-run accident. According to State Farm Insurance, you should stay at the scene of the accident.

Why should I not chase after the other driver?

It is very likely that other people witnessed the accident. If these eyewitnesses see the accident occur and both cars drive away from the scene, this might confuse them. If the eyewitnesses cannot say that you were not at fault in the accident, you might have problems with insurance and the law.

It is better to stay at the scene of the accident. Move your car out of traffic if you must. Next, call 911 if anybody at the scene of the accident has sustained an injury. If nobody has sustained an injury, call the police non-emergency number to make an accident report.

What should I do about the other driver?

When you are gathering evidence after the accident, make sure to talk with some of the eyewitnesses. Many people have smartphones with cameras. This means that one of the eyewitnesses may have a photo of the other driver. They may have a photo of his or her license plate.

If you can get this information, then you can give it to the police. This will make it easier for the police to locate the other driver.

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