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April 2012 Archives

Rear View Cameras May Save Lives in North Carolina

Back-over deaths occur when a driver hits and injures another person while backing up. Tragically, the victims in these types of accidents are most often children under the age of 5 and adults over the age of 70. Many of these accidents occur in the driveways of residential neighborhoods and most often involve a family member of the victim. Eleven children nationwide have already lost their lives as a result of back-over pedestrian accidents this year - the danger is ever-present in each state, including North Carolina.

Highway Bill Includes Electronic Record Enforcement for Trucks

Recently the U.S. Senate approved a highway transportation bill, which among other things, mandates the use of electronic onboard recorders (EOBR) on commercial trucks. An EOBR is a device that records information about the operation of commercial trucks on roads across the country, including those here in North Carolina. The hope is that the device will help enforce restrictions on hours of service for drivers and employers, and in doing so, prevent trucking accidents and save lives.