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Common mistakes you should avoid when estate planning

Estate planning is an important responsibility that provides for your loved ones after you pass. Unfortunately, too many people make simple mistakes that could cause…

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Estate planning must-haves

Estate planning is the process of organizing how your properties should be managed or distributed in the event you become incapacitated or upon your death.…

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What is a living will?

A living will is a document that states your choices about the care you want to receive in the event that you cannot make or…

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What is a power of attorney?

As you begin the estate planning process, you must consider who could manage your affairs in the event you become disabled, ill or incapacitated. While…

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Who needs to have a will?

There are several myths about wills. One common myth is that someone must be rich to benefit from having a will. Another myth is that…

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Do you need an estate plan if you are single?

If you are single, you may not give much thought to creating an estate plan. Without a spouse or kids to look after, you do…

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