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How can “nesting” help my kids cope with our divorce?

Divorce is difficult on its own. Going through the process with children is even harder. Many parents are looking for ways to make divorce easier…

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Is nesting a good choice for us?

The most common variety of custody agreement after a divorce is co-parenting. In a co-parenting situation, both parents share legal and physical custody of children,…

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The high cost of having an affair in North Carolina

The highest cost a person pays when they have an affair is the potential for damaging the marital bond beyond repair. Sometimes, children also hold…

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How will a relocation impact your custody arrangement?

As you work to move forward with your life following your divorce, you will inevitably come across new opportunities that may tend to pull you…

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Why unwed fathers may want to establish paternity

Fathers in North Carolina must go through a legal process to gain legal paternity. For married fathers, this process is straightforward and somewhat simple. For…

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What are the possible downsides of uncontested divorce?

While it might seem like a much easier process, uncontested divorces are not without their downsides. Of the 2,236,496 marriages that took place in 2017,…

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How to tell your kids about your divorce

Divorce is hard enough on adults, and it can be even harder on kids. While it is important to tell your children about the decision…

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What should I know about adoption in North Carolina?

Adoption gives a child a fresh start in a loving and stable home. For families looking to adopt, it’s best to have a firm grasp…

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Is your spouse hiding assets? Here’s what to look for.

North Carolina does not recognize community property, so when couples in the state divorce, their assets will be divided equitably instead of equally. Sometimes, a…

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How to file for divorce in North Carolina

When a marriage ends and one or both spouses live in North Carolina, the criteria for obtaining a divorce is relatively straightforward. The state only…

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